My first appointment with a psychologist

PND Recovery acutely describes her first time with a psychologist following the diagnosis of postnatal depression. Thank you for sharing your story x


PND Recovery

Meeting psycologust

I was referred to a place called the Gidget Foundation in North Sydney in October 2015. The Gidget Foundation provides a free professional psychological support service for pregnant women and new parents suffering anxiety and depression.

I was scheduled in for an appointment with a psychologist but had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what a psychologist really was and how they were different from a psychiatrist. I was pretty confused. I now know that Psychologists help people with emotional and psychological difficulties. They have specialist training in non-medical interventions and work closely with GPs or psychiatrists if required. Psychiatrists have completed a medical degree and can prescribe medication; a psychologist cannot.

My anxiety was at an all time high and I felt pretty petrified of the whole situation. What made it worse was that Gidget House was on the road parallel to my old workplace – I was paranoid I’d bump into…

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