Present. Change. Moods.

Slide1.jpgThe sun is beaming through the shade cloth that surrounds the deck and I can feel the warm rays caress my skin as I type on the keyboard. The chortles of the magpies are singing out form the large gums that surround our house; it sounds like they are having an in depth gossip session about Maggie or Peter or George. There is a faint waft of the aromas of late summer blooms that adorn the corner of the patio, and the leaves add their song and presence by rustling and leaving a glitter stream of… pollen? I am not sure what it is called.

FullSizeRenderThis morning, the day seems brighter. It could be the fact that Mr. A managed to get Master X to sleep before he left for work and so I hope that he will be in a good mood when he wakes up. It could be that I managed a short ten minute walk with Punk this morning and only had a level one in pain in my left hip (I was advised by the physiotherapist this week to exercise only to a level three pain). My feet are very sore from the hours of shopping yesterday, however the thought of being at home today is not troublesome or worrisome. In fact, I am looking forward to perhaps a quiet day. But maybe I should not presume too much from a mere morning nap!


And so I choose to spend this time writing, because Mr. A says that there is always a difference when I write. And I am enjoying this time this morning, with a fairly level head, a lighter mood and perhaps even some hope that the medication changes that are coming will help to regulate my moods out a bit more and stop these swings. I am starting to map my moods using the Black Dog institute charts in the hope of being able to track any triggers for wired and low moods. It is almost as though in order to have a normal mood day, I need to have some preceding extreme highs and extreme lows. I do not think that is a good way to function. I want it to change. And mapping and writing and sewing are all vital parts of this change.

I am wondering- does being present help you to manage your mood?

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