Sew Fantastic, Sew Functional

This week I braved the world and shared some of my sewing projects with other mums and some friends. Although they are not mind-blowingly creative, I think the concept of upcycling fabrics to use in new items is unique and will draw a certain type of favour, especially in the hipster parent circles in Canberra.

The idea is this:

I love charity shops. I enjoy sewing. So combine my two hobbies into one fantastic idea – Sew Functional! I scrounge charity shops for fabrics and then recreate them into functional items. At the moment I making baby items because, well I have a baby and I want to make some stuff for him.

This week I managed to find a couple of great kids duvet covers which I promptly cut up for their large pieces. However as I was pulling the scissors through the fabric instead of my ideas focusing on the larger pieces of fabrics, I was drawn to the offcuts, namely the borders including the fastening end. I ended up using these to make dummy and toy clips! Some of them already had button holes so I just reused some old buttons and voila – functional baby items.


Granted I did go a little crazy on quantities especially as I have no idea where to attempt to sell them yet! I already have my first request for a door silencer from a friend. Although I am still developing the skills necessary for being able to create a perfect door silencer, it is a nice feeling to have my hobby come potential business recognised as creating something that someone else would enjoy!


Happy Diaries

5 thoughts on “Sew Fantastic, Sew Functional

  1. Crafts are a great way of focussing yourself when your mind is a bit busy. I love upcycling things, although I am not overly blessed with craft ability.
    I think you should check our a lady I know on facebook and twitter. kracken kreations is a business that she set up following a nervous breakdown. She talks very openly and honestly about her mental health, and she makes the most beautiful bags, bunting, cushions etc. She is also smart, sarcastic and funny as anything.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries


  2. Well done for creating so much. You’re such a hard worker! I think it’s really weird how we’ve met on the internet and have such simular things happening in our lives. I only started to sew a couple of months ago but I also love it. However in the last month it’s gone on the backburner which annoys me. I have put ‘sew something’ on my to-do list, which I shouldn’t because then it becomes a stress. I’ll get back into it soon. I also love up cycling. I’ve made a quilted cushion cover with my sons baby grows. I really want to start a business too, I guess I need to be kind to myself and know I will get there, its just takes time. Blogging has become my priority at the moment. Maybe I’ll try and sew this afternoon, before my machine gathers too much dust! Keep up the great work xx


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