Sweet bean and veggie puree

In the wake of all the yummy recipes that I have been searching for Master X I have come to admit that I am not a kitchen supermum.

Before we were pregnant, Mr. A and myself were adamant that our baby, from fetus through to young adulthood, would eat only local produce, free range meats and home cooked delicacies.

Fast forward eighteen months.

IMG_1774Master X was lucky last week to get two meals every day. I mean at six months he does not need to eat three meals yet, but we are moving in that direction. Thank goodness for the modern squeezy packages of food that allows me to feed him when we are out, or to make up for forgetting to buy apples for stewing. Mind you I have only stewed apples twice for him.

I should be kind on our relationship with food. The first two months of his solid food life we were on the move between Canberra and regional New South Wales so that I could be in the care of my mum, but also later on, for holidays. But I digress from the aim of writing about my newest fang-dangled food recipe for babies that I could even knock up on a camp cooker with a potato masher.




1 x can mixed beans
1 x carrot
1/4 butternut pumpkin
Handful of green peas
Cumin (optional)



  1. Wash and cut the vegetables into medium chunks. They are going to be all mashed or pureed together in the end so no need to be too worried about aesthetics.
  2. Steam the vegetables for about fifteen minutes or until super soft and mushy. I like to the use the microwave rice cooker for convenience., but they could be steamed on the stovetop. They could also be roasted or boiled.
  3. Open the tin of mixed beans and drain the liquid into a small bowl to save for the step and wash the beans under cold running water. This is to rinse out any nasty gluey liquid.
  4. Mash the beans and vegetables together in a large bowl. A hand mixer, blender, or puree specialist whizz machine could also be used. Add some water or saved bean juice until it forms a very smooth and semi-runny paste consistency.
  5. Taste it for temperature and for sweetness. Master X is super fussy with his taste and will only eat sweet foods. I find that the pumpkin, carrots and beans are pretty sweet enough on their own for him.
  6. Optional: Season with some herbs and/or spices. Master X enjoys cumin in this recipe on the advice of a friend.

The great thing about this recipe (beside being super easy) is that it is travel friendly because it contains no meat or dairy! You can always substitute the vegetables in for any other sweet vegetables that might be around like sweet potato or green beans.


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