30th January. Ride, ride, ride your bike…

I demand all of the chocolate.

I need a lot more chocolate to get through the next hours before bed. I’m literally just shoving it into my mouth now. Great. So yummy. Ahhhhh sugar…

I am not sure why, but I feel a bit short tempered this afternoon. I was supposed to have a couple of hours away to write but that did not happen. Instead it is raining and we are cooped up in our deliciously small house. (shovel in more chocolate).

I could feel it, the cold wave of anxiety travelling along my oesophagus and into my mouth, reaching my head in an explosion, of, I don’t know, but those thoughts were there, again.

Why, oh why won’t you go to sleep?

It had been a long afternoon of retail therapy, purchases that I would not be making if I did not have our sweet little man. However I am proud that we saved and bought the bike trailer and am looking forward to using it…. once I get the hang of riding independently, of course.

I went for a ride last week Wednesday for the first time in over a year. I actually recall the last time I had gone for a cycle was when I was in the first trimester and I decided on my way home from work, tears of pain streaming down my face, that the pain from my growing breasts was too large to ignore. And so, I stopped riding to work, and instead began to catch the bus. I hate driving in the city, much preferring country roads and so will do anything to avoid having to maneuver a vehicle through city streets.

Although loads of people tout that Canberra is just a really big country town. But I grew up in the country, and as much as there are trees and nature reserves abound in the Australian Capital Territory, it ain’t no country town.

Slide1.jpgSo I have just taken the bike trailer out for a spin and have to say that it was quite easy to ride with (without the baby). I am looking forward to move adventures with the Master X now! It was freeing to be able to exercise, pain free. I went for attempted a brief walk this morning, which ended in a painful limp for the rest of the day. Hopefully this option will allow me some exercise and transport.

My head feel clearer than it did at four-thirty when I started writing this post. I think exerting a bit of energy helped alleviate my growing anxiety.

Come to think of it… Didn’t I recently write about the importance of exercise- for me -in controlling anxiety

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