5 ways that babies are like drunk people

Most days I love playing my baby. There are some days however when I just do not understand them. Like this morning. It was obvious that Master X was exhausted and yet he fought sleep so valiantly. Hanging out with him at five thirty in the morning reminded me of all the times in my late teens and early twenties that I spent with wasted people at this time of the day, making our way to the afterparty or back home at the end of a night out on the town (man, even that sentence sounds like something an old person would say). And I realised that my son shares some characteristics to those people that I shared my youth with!

Five ways that babies are like drunk people

#1 Smiling at inappropriate times


#2 Laughing hysterically at random things

#3 Talking to themselves in public

#4 Fighting sleep

#5 Not knowing when they’ve had enough


6 thoughts on “5 ways that babies are like drunk people

  1. You had me at your title! 😉
    These are such hilarious baby ways and expressions….

    And now for a little digression, please forgive me: when I had my babies I was able to drink wine, enjoy margaritas, etc….and that was nice. Very, very nice.

    But then after their toddler years passed by I had to quit alcohol 100%. A particular medication that saved my bipolar depressed-life forbade alcohol (the MAOI/monoamine oxidase inhibitor called Parnate) but the sacrifice has been worth it!


      1. I’ve taken lithium a long time, and you can fudge a bit with that (of course it’s a totally personal choice)

        I’d of course ask your doctor and do your own research on the internet – but check this out – I just found it:

        “You can drink some alcohol while taking lithium, but you must not get dehydrated. If you drink alcohol, you can continue to drink some alcohol while taking lithium but drinking alcohol can make you dehydrated. ” from Headmeds (I’d look at Mayo Clinic or something respectable like that instead of Headmeds, ha ha! But I think they are correct!)


      2. Some people gain on it – I actually didn’t, but I didn’t lose anything either! 😉 Thanks so much for reading it and I hope I never “sound” bossy. Wouldn’t it be funny if our comments on these blogs could be spoken (if the follower prefers to do that) instead of being written? I wonder if WordPress has cooked that up yet….

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      3. Lithium really helps me enormously, by the way! And in combination with the MAOI Parnate these two meds lifted my treatment-resistant bipolar depression when 30 other meds would not. They are most effective when used together….but doctors don’t often prescribe MAOI’s due to the food/alcohol restriction. Okay, lecture over! 😉 I like to spread the word about it, though – you never know who might read our blogs!

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