Planting some new seeds. Hope.

IMG_1857.JPGThis week I received a very thoughtful gift from a reader – a collection of seeds, pots and stakes for vegetables and flowers. It was gifted to me with the sentiments that:

There is something therapeutic in digging the soil, sowing and watering the plants and watching them grow. And you get to eat them at the end too so there is motivation!

Mr. A and I have had a vegetable patch since our first house together in 2011 and I myself have grown attempted to grow – with varying degrees of success- edible plants since I was in my early twenties. However this is the first house where we are yet to have a vegetable patch and although there are plans to install some beds, we have not had the energy to set them up. Mainly because the garden in its entirety is a bit of a mess as it is set up as an English cottage garden, which we dislike as we prefer bush setting with edible plants. IMG_1861

So the garden is in a loveless disarray.

As I dug soil from the old garden beds and tunnelled under our compost bin for some worms I realised just how much I was missing my vegetable garden.

I decided to plant the strawberries in an existing pot that once housed an abundance of shallots when we moved in at nine months pregnant but had died due to overgrown neglect. The carrots, beets, radishes all claimed larger pots whilst the flowers found a new home (I hope) in the smaller trays.


I hope that the motivation from watching them grow will spur us to start our vegetable patch sooner than anticipated. I love having dirt under my nails and it is great to be out in the sun for both myself and Master X. The problem with me and the house’s garden is that I want it to be tamed before planting anything new. This approach however is resulting in neglect as I am not seeing anything positive progress. It is pretty boring pulling out the same ivy weeds every week and towing large patches of dead soil from the old vegetable patches.


So I am looking forward to seeing the garden progress from the little patch of sun in the front courtyard. I can even watch them from the windows in our living room!


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10 thoughts on “Planting some new seeds. Hope.

  1. Oh your courtyard looks quite charming. The one thing I miss about mynold house is the. We have a shared garden now with our downstairs neighbour, but its not really working out as his dog digs up everything.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries

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  2. Like you, I experimented with growing veg in pots in my twenties and have been meaning to create a veg garden ever since we moved into our house. I definitely need to make sure I do it this year. I hope your strawberries grow well! #Bestandworst


  3. What a nice gift! I just planned some been seeds about (2 weeks?) ago. Cilantro, parsley, basil, and chives. They’re all doing great except for my favorite, of course, my basil. I thought it wasn’t going to grow and see a tiny little sprout today! It’s so exciting.


  4. I am a hopeless gardener. I can just about manage to grow herbs and cactus (they thrive on neglect). I hope it’s not long before you see the fruits of your hard labour and are enjoying a nice abundance of home grown fruit and veg.



    1. Oh potato season (spring?). I was surprised by how many vegetables I could plant going into Autumn. It has also sparked a conversation with OH about veggie garden in an easier spot!


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