Starting new

In an effort to start the week differently, we are having a barbeque. Mr A fires up the charcoal burner while I potter in the garden, bedding a new plot with compost and soil.  

 I picked up some low fencing from the side of the road on our cycle to the cafe this morning and strung it along the perimeter perfectly to stop Punk walking through it. So far so good. I planted some more carrots, radishes and strawberries, digging my fingers into the lush new soil in the pots, leaving the plot bare for the moment until the weather cools for winter vegetables. 
I am sitting by the charcoal barbeque as I write, enjoying the budding garden and the temperate outside air. It is a tad muggy for my liking but otherwise a pleasant breeze gently drifts by, caressing my skin lightly. The smell of the charcoal is heady, an aroma I associate with camping and the bush.   

 Tomorrow is a new start. Maybe a new way to enter the week by way of being outside and starting something fresh like the garden, will kick start my brain. The feeling has subsided some since the trip to the pool on Friday. Self care is too important and I need to start remembering to take time out away from the house and alone. 
And pat the dog-he needs more loving.  


2 thoughts on “Starting new

  1. Hope your sweet dog has gotten lots of pats!! I love the photo!
    Good for you for planting things and starting something new!
    I truly think that being outdoors can make such a huge difference…great descriptions of being outside, by the way. Keep taking that time away and taking care of yourself – you’re on right track for sure :)))


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