Baby creche

As I pulled into the carpark to collect my ticket I noticed the sign that said that the main pool will be closed until 1pm and the exercise pool closed until 11.30am. I had booked Xman into the pool creche from 10.45am to 12.15pm and was concerned that I would have nothing to do but sit in the cafe. 

Well I was a little bit right. Although I ran into the most famous person I’ve ever met, a local musician, and that made me feel uplifted. But generally speaking my head is pretty disconnected. I am acting really well (I think) as demonstrated by my ability to take the baby for a swim before his creche session, as well as pulling off a reasonable work related conversation. Go me. 

It was quite delicious taking master X for a swim though it took me a good while to get into the experience and play. There were lots of other mums and dads paddling around the warm baby pools. I did try to spark up a conversation but to no avail. 

I was nervous taking the baby to creche as Mr A had read that the go-to activity is television. But I really needed a break from the wingeing so an hour of mediocre care for $5 is worth the brain break. 

I don’t think mums give ourselves enough breaks without feeling guilty. Although I feel bad about the mediocre care I am trying to tell myself that it is better than losing my shit or zoning out for the rest of the week. And it’s only one hour,  how much harm can happen. .? I have to get used to it if I am to return to work in 5 weeks (which I am surprisingly looking forward to, but that’s another post). 

So we shall see. I’m off to collect bubba feeling a little more refreshed and relaxed. Enough buzz from the coffee and water  to get me through the next couple of hours. 

3 thoughts on “Baby creche

  1. It’s insane how refreshing an hour or so can be! My first experience was at my local gym which has a creche. It was so good to think about me for the hour I was in a class. Once I dropped him off and didn’t even make it out the changing room – I just had a flick through a magazine and a nice rest.


  2. Okay, I can’t resist asking you this, please forgive me – as both a slightly sycophantic groupie and as a lover of Australian rock music, I’d like to know more about this part:

    “Although I ran into the most famous person I’ve ever met, a local musician”.

    Please solve the mystery for me, Become Mum! Was it Big Dave? Give us a hint.

    p.s. I am SUPER proud of you for taking that brain break and hope you get many more of them – it will be good for the whole family. Congrats on pulling off the work conversation too – that’s excellent.

    You’re a great mum!


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