There are so many toys in my son’s play box. Rattles, sock monkeys, saucepans, empty water containers and then there are the commercial play items like stuffed animals, soft books, blocks and shape sorters. I read somewhere during pregnancy that the main main purpose of baby toys is to help the adult communicate with the baby because you know, we adults are so removed from play that we need things to help us reconnect with our creative roots.

What fascinates me though is that there is no ‘one’ favourite toy for Master X, and his choices or likes change day to day, moment to moment. I am just realising this mind you. He was VERY wingey just now, and I thought, hey, I’ll change his toys up a bit, and pulled out more musical toys for him to explore – maracas and home made shakers constructed from a water bottle filled with rice, and  a water bottle containing wine cork and silver tinsel left over from Christmas (these home made toys are not to be left unattended with baby for play due to potential choking hazard). Oh, and my hat. Master X decided that my hat looked like a solid toy to amuse himself with for a time.

Toys have been a sticking point as presents from relatives and friends. We reside in a small house so have limited room for storage and only a sliver of space for play. Moreover I impress our choice to live a conscious life when it comes to consumer purchases and try to source clothes and most toys from charity stores. I mean, why spend ten dollars on something that I can get for three at the local Salvation Army Store? Or that I can make out of household items? Or when Master X would prefer to play with the tupperware and plastics from the kitchen?

I wonder at what other parents use as toys with their babies and whether they are focused on the parent or the child?

4 thoughts on “Toys

  1. I was wistful reading this post since I have an 8 and 11 year-old. I can’t even remember their favorite toys very well since I was depressed and traumatized so much during their earlier years. 😦

    Now they love to play with big girl/high tech toys, iPodTouches (I don’t even have one!!!!), American Girl dolls (to the tune of $125 each – I won’t buy them, Grandma does!), crafty toys, Shrinky Dink earrings, even knitting! Then there are the animals they are supposed to care for, but Mom and Dad wind up with the majority of the feeding etc. Hamsters, hermit crabs and the like.

    When the girls were little we were big fans of Goodwill if the toys were in good shape. Now the girls refuse to go there because the place “is gross and it smells!” Little snobs, I tell you! 😉


    1. Oooo American Girl dolls I haven’t heard of! I remember being the same about charity shops and now I can’t get enough of them. I find them so addictive especially for baby and kids things. I buy my presents for teenage nieces from there – it’s amazing what you can find!

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  2. It’s true my children have too many toys. When they were little I always had a treasure box with household items in them;sponge, silicone safe kitchen utensils, anything tactile for them to touch, rattle and ultimately safe if they out it in their mouth as most of their sensory experience involves doing that! For special presents I would ask family to buy or contribute to either bigger items that would last through many years; playshed, trampoline. Or ask if they would contribute towards swimming lessons or other expensive group activities. Now their older I know that some friends always have a clear out prior to Christmas and birthdays and ask the children to donate a certain number of toys to charity. Mine wouldn’t quite do that but I know that if they don’t see it they don’t miss it so I used to have a seasonal cull of toys and take them to the charity shops. Often compiling a wish list of items over the year so that friends or family could buy from also helped. Rather than them junking what you you child might want.


    1. I loved the idea of swimming lessons etc! I went to a party this year where they had a book swap and that worked really well over presents. The tactile household objects sounds super fun! I will have to giver that a go as he is pretty bored with his commercial toys. I guess they all taste the same after a while.


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