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IMG_2036I am 99% sure that Master X will be crawling soon. I am 100% sure that I am losing it over the current Wonder Week. I have the television as a way to gain some sanity, way more than I am comfortable with. But I need my brain to stay happy, and constant screaming is not the pathway to wellness. I find myself cycling through familiar paths of rocking to sleep, feeling slightly heightened when I sing the same song in succession multiple times.

Yes, developmental leaps are great fun.

It is amazing to see Master X’s rapid growth. Besides the commando crawling where he drags his back legs, he has begun to say ‘mmmm-um’ and grabs at my leg or arm. It is pretty cute, and I try to imagine what his voice will sound like saying ‘mum’ as he grows older.

This afternoon I entered the house through our garage, which we use as our main entrance as it is easier to press a button for the automatic door than it is to grapple for a key, and began to prepare Master X and myself some lunch. Peanut butter sandwich for Master and ham and cheese for mmmm-um. Following the consumption of peaches for dessert, it was evident that Master X was becoming impatient with this sitting in the high chair business and he began to throw himself back against the chair and then forward over the feeding tray. I placed him gently on the ground on his stomach to which he protested loudly. I attempted to distract him by jiggling toys, and once he was quiet, I retreated into the kitchen to finish eating my apple and to clean up.


Grapple grapple, loud cry.

I spin around to face the door way from my position by the sink, to see that Master X had for the first time ever, made his way across the gated doorway.

He had followed me into the kitchen.

It begins.

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