We wish you a happy birthday

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It’s funny how birthdays play out after you have a baby. Let me tell you the little story of Mr. A, Ms. R and Master X.

Mr. A and Ms. R were delightfully pregnant, some 30 weeks along. They did not know if it was going to be a little boy or a little girl, and they were just hoping for a healthy bubba. It was Ms. R’s birthday and Mr. A had planned a romantic dinner at a secret location. They walked out of their house and got into the car, all the while discussing the mystery restaurant excitedly. Upon arriving at the restaurant Mr. A took Ms. R’s hand and they gingerly stepped across the cobbled path that led to the doors. The dinner progressed as per any normal restaurant affair, with discussions of the upcoming birth, work and the meal. Upon completion of dinner they returned home and went to bed, sleeping some ten uninterrupted hours.

Zoom zoom fast forward twelve months (or near to)…

Now, Mr. A  had made a surprise booking, but Ms. R knew that it was in the city (not too far from home should they need to return). They bid farewell to the baby and the babysitter, referring them to the notes on the care of their son, including to put the rubber duck, plastic book and face cloth in the bath for bath time. They rushed to the car and about half way to the restaurant Ms. R noted that they were in silence. ‘It sure is nice to have to only think about ourselves’ they agreed and settled in for the short, but delightful drive. The dinner went as any normal dinner would, progressing with talk of the baby, travel and their upcoming new work situations. When the time came to leave, Ms. R panicked – not yet, just another hour or so, so they located a bar for a drink and some cake. It progressed as normal with discussion about sweets, exercise and their baby back home. But it was not time yet, protested Ms. R and they found yet another location at which to settle for a night cap. On completion they meandered back to the car, lamenting the short night but satisfied from the food and drink which were undoubtably delicious.

Upon returning home they were pleased that their baby was asleep and they collapsed into bed for four hours of uninterrupted, glorious sleep and awoke with head colds… the one that Master X had possessed for the past week from childcare.

I miss those uninterrupted nights of sleep, and being able to sleep in for an indeterminate amount of time. But I really enjoy the cuddles, watching Master X figure out new things, sharing my days with this precious soul. Although we hang on to these nights away from him, they ultimately make me appreciate my time with him more. I missed putting him to bed, cuddles before he drifts into sleep, and the moment of relaxation knowing that he is indeed down for the night so I can enjoy my glass of Shiraz. So although the birthdays are different, they are richer through experience and love.

It is funny though that now as parents, we yearn for time away only to be side lined by the love whilst we are away. Mr. A was constantly checking his phone for updates from the babysitter and our conversation pre and post pregnancy birthdays, were centred on Master X. So as I collapse into bed with the cold inherited from Master X, I am truly grateful for the wonderful weekend that was my birthday, and am glad that I was fortunate to spend it with my family.

All two of them.

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