running in the elements

Well I have logged 7 runs with Nike+ totalling 21 kilometers. Not bad for my almost-the-start three weeks of running again. I would like to run more but have been plagued by shin splints, sore knees and rainy weather. I have run in the rain once though, and admittedly I enjoyed it. There is something freeing about running in the elements, like it washes away negativity and brings a sense of renewed beingness.

Starting to run again was a decision I made as my weight hit the 90s – kilograms, not generation. Mr. A assures me that BMI is meaningless nowadays, but I was shocked to see mine in the overweight range. If nothing else, the BMI is something that I know from weight gain issues in my early 20s. Slogging the hills every day and eating loads of salad tapered my waist line then, but I unfortunately can not feed my ten month old salads, so instead I am trying hard to reduce my portions, and also reduce the amount that I drink. Reduction, not elimination and also being gentle on my time. I hate cooking at the best of times so really want to avoid multiple meals if I can help it! I think elimination of alcohol and ‘bad foods’ will come when I am ready, and I am still not ready to say farewell to my daily glass of red grapes!

I guess I am writing about this because body image is something that has plagued me since having Master X. Amidst friends’ assurances that the weight was natural and reminders of the marathon effort my body had gone through to grow, birth and then feed my baby, I could not help but look in the mirror and lament my once size 12 figure, now squeezing into size 16. These changes that I am making – diet and exercise – is not limited to body image, but also sense of wellbeing. I feel like weight is not only literally, but also figuratively being shed. I have managed to lose 4 kilograms since beginning running almost three months ago, although until a month ago it was really sporadic and at the whim of my mood and the condition of my body. As my joints have strengthened I am able to run longer and faster, trailing 4.5 kilometer ‘long run’ once per week at the moment, with twice or thrice weekly 3.5 kilometer runs. It is truly freeing.

So in an attempt in really integrate the basics of ‘healthiness’ I have signed up for the How To Get Your Shit Together In 14 Days: Wholesome Habits 2 Week Challenge. I’ve printed my logs and am hoping for this rain to pass. I hate working out in the gym and they are expensive visits for a casual!

I’m excited about the challenge, but will need to alter my expectations. For example, it is just not realistic to expect to sleep 8 hours a night for two weeks with a ten month old!FullSizeRender

6 thoughts on “running in the elements

    1. Thanks! I am looking forward to the challenge. I enjoy how it is encouraging active thinking about a few elements, rather than ‘all the healthy things’! More realistic 🙂


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