Fighting the funk (medication, breastfeeding, bipolar and tea)

So my appointment went a little like this.

Doctor: I have read your extensive file here, but I would like to hear from you about your mental health.

Me: long story about the episode, and how I came into a manic state again recently. You can read a little about the postpartum psychosis here and here, and about the recent manic episode hereI’m wanting to have a medication plan for managing my illness for the rest of the pregnancy, and breastfeeding. I know that breastfeeding is not recommended with the medications I am on but my family and I are advocates for breastfeeding due to the mental wellbeing and connection it provides.

Doctor: I don’t catch everything but these are key phrases: You have had a hypomanic episode and you are not yet stable. I want you to increase your Zyprexa (or whatever the drug name for it is) until you feel calm, and redo your Lithium bloods in a month from the last test. Once you are more stable we can look at your plan and whether you can breastfeed. Something something something, I am summarising here because I have increased my medication tonight and although I want to write, I am feeling more attuned to sitting on the couch and vegging out. I’ve been 20170306_184009blogging all day over at Australian Education Blogs and not playing with Master X. It is heartbreaking how much I am ignoring him due to my passion with blogging (Mr A calls it obsessed). Dry mouth. I need some water… milky sweet tea/

Doctor: You need to increase your Zyprexa in the morning and in the evening.

Fuck that I’m eating chocolate too.



Yeah, I agree with my husband that I am fixated, overly obsessive about this new blog beyond the normal hype that would come with starting something new. I feel okay tonight. I am still able to write, which I really struggled with on the (oh yeah, and decrease my Zoloft because it is counter-intuitive to my hyper) Risperidone.

I was more than excited to hear the possibility of a service in Canberra that provides 6-8 weeks of cleaning and house care for new mothers with complex needs. This is apparently a new service, and I’m not sure of the criteria…. Hang on while I try and find it: Can’t find it will have to get it after next visit. What a let down, sorry, but I will get back about this one because it sounds AMAZING.

I am a little disappointed that I didn’t leave the appointment today with a breastfeeding and medication plan.

Oh, and the doctor also said that I would need a controlled birth. I forgot to ask what that meant but they said something about needing to know when the baby is going to come so they can change my medication dosage accordingly. Specifically the lithium, but I want to come off the lithium not just check my levels. I cannot breastfeed on lithium so I don’t see it in my third trimester medication plan other than as a fading semblance of representation in my bloods.

Damn the tea is do good, I have skulled it. This medication makes me super thirsty.

There was a medical student in my appointment, which was exciting, and they were tasked with my blood pressure and weight. I HAVE GAINED 11KG IN 4 WEEKS.



It could be all the sugar that I’m eating, but the fact that it correlates so closely with the dates I started Zyprexa… let’s just say that I would choose weight gain over not being stable, and also not being able to breastfeeding.

Talk about the likelihood of breastfeeding… the doctor didn’t hear me when I said that our family wanted us to breastfeed. Not ‘maybe’. Just do.

We shall see… we shall see…


Canberra mums – if you made it this far through my ramble tonight then here is an article from a local mother on postpartum psychosis.

3 thoughts on “Fighting the funk (medication, breastfeeding, bipolar and tea)

    1. Me too. They weren’t willing to discuss it yet, but I know there is better drug info on the USA so going to look there for answers. And also second opinion if needed! Thanks for the comments ☺️


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