Ikea Ikea I see ya over there. Beautifying the home

The upcoming baby is prompting me to nest our home. Or perhaps it is more a panic state of the half-way point and realising that we do not have any tables and chairs for us to sit when we bring our bundle home. We headed out to the relatively new Ikea store in Canberra on the weekend, hoping to snag some ‘essential’ items. Now I am a thrifty shopper and HATE buying things new when I can get them in good used quality. However I had been searching for months for these items and every time I thought that I had been quick off the mark, the deal was snapped up under my nose.

We spent the morning searching the site and made a shopping cart so that we could have as painless visit as possible. Master 18 months had ceased complying with the trolley kid seats months ago, and would only be calm if he could wander and lead the way. This makes shopping an impossible task without a safety-buddy to help keep an eye on him while that other person shops.

TIP: Make a shopping list at the online store before you leave

This trip we were looking for : dining table and chairs (it’s becoming harder for me to get on the floor for meal times), entertainment unit (need to hide the cables from the kids and cat), kid step (for hand washing in the bathroom), trundle bed (to lift Master X’s mattress off the floor).

TIP: Take a co-host who can toddler wrangle while you shop

We were successful in two of our list items, but got sidetracked by the bright lights and funky displays so second guessed our choice of entertainment unit. And we’d forgotten the bassinet was in the tray of our ute so were not quite sure the trundle would fit.

Master X loved the trundle though (I was hoping he would have passed out there he was in a slightly crappy mood as it was past nap time)… until we walked past this awesome bed. All I could think was ‘what is the point in buying a trundle when we could buy bunks for the kids right out?’. I’m now undecided about the trundle idea. Thanks Ikea.

Finally, we hit the kids section and THIS is now on my next shopping list for the home because it will ent20170304_145610ertain the kids and the kitten (I know, we have a KITTEN just as we are about to have another baby. A whole other story involving a trip to Japan and reluctantly rehoming our family dog Punk). I had to take a photo of this desk for my blog because it was just too damn cute!

At the end of the seemingly long, but likely only 2 hour shopping trip, I shared some water with Master 18 months while Mr A struggled to fit our purchases into the ute along with the bassinet, much like level 100 on the game Tetris.

Finally another ‘awww super cute’ moment I had to share is the trick/habit/annoying thing Mr A taught him:


Run Jump Scrap!

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