Family time, fireworks and homemaking

Tonight was Master X’s first fireworks. I mean the kid has seen emotional fireworks, but not the fire in the sky kind. Funnily enough this occasion is aptly entitled Skyfire by the local radio station Hit 104.7 and is an annual occurrence in Canberra. I was along for the ride mainly to support my other half who has recently taken up photography. I managed to wrangle the little guy for about ten of the 20 minute showtime duration before my 21 week baby belly started to cramp, telling me it was rest time.

As you can see from the Instagram slideshow, the show was pretty spectacular!

I am so ready for bed now. It was an eventful day with the balloon festival at 5am, followed by a day of furniture shopping (not that I’m nesting or anything). And I may have spent more money than we really have… But dang that new under $150 entertainment unit from Aldi really is starting to draw our attempt at restyling our house, complementing our $30 coffee table from Kmart. We are going to up-cycle the old entertainment unit on the left side of the photo below into a bed drawer for the kids. Mr 18 months sleeps on a mattress on the floor (soon to be a trundle base).This helps our stress at nights as he can easily get out and come in for cuddles, thereby extending everyone’s sleep time!


2 thoughts on “Family time, fireworks and homemaking

    1. They were still pretty fun. It had been years since we’d been able to go. There were also these epic low flying fight jets. Scared me senseless. All I could think of was war places where this is the reality 😦

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