Second trimester pregnancy tips

It was a bit of a shock at the obstetrician appointment this week to earn that we are 22 weeks pregnant. We thought we were only 20 weeks so hanging on to the half-way point tale that we told everyone who asked if we were in the third trimester. I have gained 11 kilograms this pregnancy already. I think I eat too much, I could say it is because of the medications however I remember eating just as much in the second trimester with Master X. I would joke about having second breakfast and first lunch as I swallowed fried goodness and dripping sweetness while the scales tipped further and further to the right (or is it the left? I was carried away in making this post literary and really don’t know if I’m even telling the truth about the left/right thing!).

I am noticing a few things have been let go as my weight increases and the pregnancy progresses and thought it relevant for readers who might also be pregnant at this time.

#1 You don’t need maternity clothes when pregnant


#2 Low sugar is a valid substitute to sweeteners when pregnant but fruit is not

It can have just as much sugar as the refined types and is chunky in cups of tea


#3 Rubbing your belly is okay

It is likely the only time you can get away with it if you sport a little beer/food tum like me when not pregnant


#4 Anytime is a valid snack time


#5 Clean the house with whatever you have handy

There’s no way Mary Poppins didn’t use baby wipes to clean her house at least some of the time

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.01.24 pm.png

#6 Nap time can be anytime, and anywhere

I slept on a park bench once when pregnant because I was utterly exhausted

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 8.58.49 pm

After posting these pictures I have realised that I seem to always wear the same colour. This doe snot have any reflection of the sex of our child as we are waiting util the great deliverance. My gut says girl, but after seeing the abundance of blue in this story board…


6 thoughts on “Second trimester pregnancy tips

  1. This was a fun post to read, and I loved the pictures and the advice. Yes there was quite a bit of blue in those pics! Hmmmm. I think this post will help a lot of pregnant moms!!! You actually made me miss being pregnant! :0

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