Self care Saturday #1, basic self care

Become Mum

During my six weeks with my mum in recovery from a psychotic episode I came to realise that I had been neglecting basic self care strategies since the birth of Master X. By the time I returned to Canberra I had some routine of self care however still required a physical list to ensure that I was meeting all my basic needs. I am back from another stint at mum’s and again require self reminders daily for when I am alone around self care. These are in order of importance!


1. VITAL (daily) – Eat, brush teeth, core exercises and nap

  • Oral care – I often (still) get stuck in a cycle and before I know it, it is past lunch time. This list and having ‘eat’ as a priority means that I have a visual reminder to check the time for food consumption. I also forget to brush my teeth…

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