Second trimester pregnancy essentials

Following on from last week’s post on second trimester pregnancy tips I thought about what I actually really appreciative during this time of growing uncomfortableness.

This week I noticed a huge change in the way that my mind and body are working in this pregnancy. I realised that I am easy to tire and quick to feel hungry, that my clothes no longer fit around my belly and that my sugar cravings are through the roof of normalcy. My mood is dependent on how tired I am and how sore the belly is at any given time. I have a low tolerance for Master X’s wingeing and a stubborn streak of beibg self-centred when it comes to negotiating time out with Mr A. I worked my first five day week in a few years and at the end of it (as in right now while writing this) I declare that I am so tired from working so much…. boo hoo etcetera.

This post covers some of the things that I think have been essential in getting us through the second trimester and some things that I wish we had gotten onto sooner. And I welcome your suggestions on what has worked for you to keep mumma sane during this time. The second trimester is often touted as the stage in pregnancy that is the ‘honeymoon’ phase. Lots of people go on holidays or baby moons, women are glowing, hungry and baby is growing. Our baby moon to the Gold Coast was pretty awesome, but I cannot vouch for eating constantly as good feeling!

#1 : Buy maternity clothes


The trek through pregnancy seems to stretch after 20 weeks – I am ready for the baby to come already in the physical sense. Using elastics to hold my pants up is not very fun and it seems that every time I think that I have found a solution to the issue, it is like bubba hears and laughs while growing even bigger thereby destroying my ‘great’ idea. This week I succumbed to the fact that my old size 12 maternity clothes were no longer going to fit and I needed to purchase some clothes. I highly recommend buying maternity clothes in the second trimester, and making sure that they are long and stretchy to accommodate your growing belly… and bosom!

#2 Healthy Snacks

I joined the Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Facebook community when Master X was about 14 months old, and I lost a stack (about 10 kg) of weight by following their free meal and exercise programs. When I found out we were pregnant I made a solemn vow to eat healthy and stay below my calorie intake due to lowered activity level from the pelvic pain that was sure to plague me again this pregnancy. It soon became apparent as the food aversions kicked in that I was not going to have a choice of opting out of junk food. The only thing that I seemed to be able to stomach was fizzy drinks and hot potato fries. If I tried to eat anything remotely healthy like a salad then my gag reflex would raise its ugly (and smelly) head.

#3 Cuddles with family


My  mood has been up and down this month and I have found that I am quite cuddly. I am not sure if it is just because of my emotions, or whether this is hormones. Either way, regular and long cuddle sessions with my boys and our kitten have been a stabiliser during this time. It is truly delightful and loving to feel the warmth of being wrapped in my partner’s arms, or Master X’s little hands patting my back as his arms are stretched to their limit to envelop me, or the purring vibrations of the kitten on my lap. There has been some research into the benefits of contact such as hugging on the mood, so I am just going to go with that as my reason!

#4 Comfy seating

20170325_161145With my pelvic pain starting about two weeks ago, I have had to be more aware of the places that I sit and how I arrange my legs. I am a chronic leg crosser which is the worst position for pelvic girdle pain! When I was pregnant with Master X in 2015 I spent a deal of time searching for the perfect nursing chair. I had it in my head that I would be sitting in one chair every time I nursed. Hahahaha. If nothing else this chair was perfect for late-in-pregnancy uncomfortableness  when laying in a bed for sleep was impossible, and sinking in the couch exacerbated the pelvic pain. Even in the second trimester with the second pregnancy, this chair is great to relax and relieve pain.

I also have other chairs that are a necessary. An in-shower stool to help me relax while bathing, and a chair that is near where I put my shoes on each day to avoid trying to balance on each leg. Supportive seating is super important and I recall last pregnancy my only regret was not buying a comfy chair earlier in the pregnancy!


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