The Healthy Mummy

15kg lighter than now; 20kg lighter after Master X birth

I recently became an affiliate of The Healthy Mummy weight support network. I guess what sets this organisation from the other weight loss regimes is the plethora of free recipes books and access to free support through the Facebook groups. I have been involved as a free ‘leech’ on the program since Master X was 14 months old, and I cannot wait to be back on track with them after this bub is born.

The Healthy Mummy is run by an Australian mum who prides herself on supporting other mums through their weight loss journey, as well as staying healthy during pregnancy. I have found some great support even though I am not able to participate in the program during this pregnancy. The Facebook group for pregnant mum includes a stream of positive images of people who are successful, but also a swathe of  mums who are struggling and we help each other out with positive and kind words and stories of our own.

I tried a number of other support networks for weight loss after the baby but found The Healthy Mummy to be the most relevant and easiest. Realistic? Definitely. And the network that the creator Rhian has made, has moved beyond Australia. There are local community support pages also so you can connect with local mums and organise meet-ups. The expectations of eating for your Basal metabolic rate (BMR) rather than dieting is empowering. It means a gradual reduction of food intake, and a slow and manageable increase in physical activity. At fourteen months postpartum my goal was walking the equivalent of 10 000 steps plus keep up with the BMR free recipes. I lost almost 20 kilograms doing this!

Anyway, head over the check out The Healthy Mummy, join their Facebook group or ask me about their free resources and about how I used them to help lose weight.

The Healthy Mummy Special (Leaderboard)

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