Finding inspiration to blog

Capitalise on the relationship between reader and blogger!

I have set the goal of writing at least one post every day on this blog for three weeks in the hope of reinvigorating my readership, but mainly to start some good writing habits. Just over a week into the challenge and I have not always found it an easy feat to find something to write about every day, but so far I have not missed any posts and some days I am even managing to write two blog posts. Writing has usually been tied to my mood disorder and I am hoping to change that by setting up these scheduled posts. I have also started a novella ebook series in the hope to build readership further and also to harness a new type of writing. I have self published a series of ebooks on education as part of Australian Education Blogs with limited success. My aim with ebooks is to strengthen my relationship with readers and also to build on new skills that are needed in the ebook world like sustained writing.

Most of my writing is self reflective and a way to engage with an audience about how I am travelling as a parent with a mental illness, or in Australia my bipolar I disorder is classified as a disability. I thought that by conveying my process of writing inspiration that it might help me with future writer blocks and also give any other writers out there some ideas about how to progress your own writing journey and make and reach writing goals.


Goals are excellent motivators to write and they force me to consider what I can say to meet them. I am finding that my current goal to write everyday is increasing my readership and interactions which is greatly appreciated, but more importantly it is spurring me to engage on social media platforms more regularly in efforts to market the blog and its material. I hate the feeling that I used to get early on in my writing journey that no-one was reading my work. Although I am writing for self-reflection I need some engagement to make that process fruitful. Goals help to reach the outcome of improved readership and the like as I am engaging in a disciplined way and readers know when and what to expect our of my blog.

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Although I rarely do this in practice actively I know what my categories are and try to work my inspiration around them. Yesterday for example, I wanted to write about my new affiliate partner Healthy Mummy so I wrote around the category of health, highlighting that the program is health-based and also related to the tags I commonly use like weight and diet. Of course not all my posts fit neatly into the categories so at the ned of writing I need to go back and ensure that I have included the words in the title and body of the post. This all means that my writing is more manageable as I am not trying to reinvent the wheel.

On the opposite end is writing and then looking at the categories. On the advice of Australian mummy blogger Love from Mim, I am in the process of going through my older blogs and linking them in title and content back to the categories. I am also trying to limit and clean up the categories that I have used so that my blog is easier to navigate. I have just over 150 blog posts published on this page and I want to make sure that I can find the information for tagging and linking as well as any readers.

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Blogging for me is mostly about having an outlet for my thoughts and a way of tracking my wellbeing. This means that I need to have freedom and create a safe space where I can let go, breakdown, fly high or just be with my readers. I measure this by my ability to write freely and without concern for misreading or judgement. Every post I write comes from within, even posts like this one. They are aimed at getting out what I know needs to to be shared, and also a space for me to reflect on my journey. When looking for inspiration I think on what has affected me most in the time between my previous blog. Although I have a writing schedule which is typically twice per week but at the moment every day, I allow myself the opportunity to publish more than that if required. I see my blog as an extended friendship journal. It is an iterative process where  I write something to connect with readers who can provide insight and then I take the advice, reflect, live and then write again.

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Even when I feel like I have nothing of value to say on a given day, I write about that experience. I write about what I see in front of me, even if it is just a descriptive narrative. The process of writing is usually enough to spur me to continue to write on my next scheduled day. Not everyone can write blogs and not everyone can be active and engaged readers. And that is okay. If you don’t feel up to it, don’t punish or push yourself. You can post late. I look a six month break from writing and really felt its absence but really I was too scared to reengage for the fear that the same writer’s block would happen again. Sometimes the easiest blog is the one that you need to fight with the get out.

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Somedays I just don’t feel like writing but other mediums like song, film or photos are more relevant to my experience. I haven’t relied on photos so far during my recent writing stint but I do load up on pics when the words are not working for me. Photos are also a good basis to begin with to provide inspiration (or blospiration hahahaha). Often during the day or week I will snap Master X or myself or a scene and then later in the week think I have nothing to write about only to be inspired about the content of these photos, how and who we were when they were captured or describe their relevance. It is amazing how much I can get out of one picture if I write a descriptive narrative on them!

4 thoughts on “Finding inspiration to blog

  1. I remember really loving blogging daily. I’d have fun surprising myself with the (sometimes kooky) ideas I came up with, and it felt good to write like that!

    But I knew it was a finite experience and that I’d need to force myself to switch gears to work on my book. I did feel that I was “cheating” on my book by blogging because blogging was easy compared to working on the draft. 😉


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