Nap time does not mean sleep time for toddlers

Master X fell asleep in the car on our way back from Questacon this morning. Questacon is a science infused place with a special section for toddlers and babies. The play is all science-based and my toddler loves it. MR 18 months played in the water and with the construction site for ages. Needless to say he did not want to leave and caused quite a scene on departure.

Who let this dude behind the wheel?!? #cute #picoftheday #baby #family

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The little man fell fast asleep in the car on the way home. Hopeful of some much needed sleep for myself, I carefully maneuvered the car into the driveway and quickly entered the house to check that his bed was ready. Satisfied that everything was in order for a smooth car-to-bed transfer I returned to the vehicle and slowly unstrapped Master X from his car seat, scooped him up and carried him inside with his head nestled deep into my shoulder and his arm draped around my neck. Mr 18 months was still relaxed when we entered the house and I was feeling confident in how this situation was progressing. When we got to the bedroom I tried to put him to his toddler bed however he woke up and sat straight from under the covers and winged loudly.

No sleep.

I tried to drag it out by pretending that I was asleep but being a toddler, he quickly became restless and very loud. It was also almost lunch time so I thought it best to feed him and then try again. We both consumed hot lunches (left over spaghetti and satay) and I let him play until he showed that he was tired again. The moment that he threw the remote to the TV on the ground and it smashed was the moment that I had had enough, scooped him up and carried him with pursed lips to the bedroom. I was very tired by this stage and pulled to my limits by his toddler attitude, throwing his lunch first, then apple and finally the remote. His ears were the colour of tomatoes (well I should say that his ears are the colour of tomatoes because he is sitting next to me with the colour donning his ears), and his eyes were teary. I left him in his room alone so I could have 5 mins to eat my lunch, and he was hollering in there let me tell you!

No sleep.

After a few minutes I succumbed and reentered the bedroom and he followed me to bed. This was a good sign. Master X joined me under the covers with one of his toys and he played there calmly for about 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes. It was soon apparent that he was not going to sleep but I desperately needed to rest my blossoming body so I asked him to play next to the bed quietly. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes.

No sleep.

I gave up when he started to climb over my body. This action is just not okay when I am pregnant as he has no idea about my tender breasts or bulging stomach. So it was time to get up. So we sit here with ABC2 Kids on the television for some respite from his attitude and to distract him from his toddler tiredness. Needless to say that it will be an early night tonight…. but likely again there will be –

No sleep.

Are there any secrets to naps with an energetic toddler?

He is not one of those kids who will lay down when he eventually tires and this laying with him for hours to try and get some rest is becoming tiresome!

4 thoughts on “Nap time does not mean sleep time for toddlers

  1. Augh, I’m so sorry Master X has reached that lovely age of toddlerhood that basically means he doesn’t let you rest. I hope he doesn’t give up his naps permanently, and that you can get some shut-eye soon!


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