Keeping toddler busy

It’s a beautiful day in Canberra today with a mild temperature of 22 degrees, sunny and a light breeze. It is the type of weather that sends families outside in the Autumn sun, riding bikes and hiking, relishing the delight of the skies. I am sitting inside on the lounges trying to hide from the sun that is blaring through the windows while my family play outside. Why? Because the Olanzapine I am prescribed for my bipolar I disorder makes me highly sensitive to the sun – it blinds me and the light kiss of the sun’s rays leaves instant red patches on my white skin.

I can still enjoy hearing my husband try to reason with Mr 18 months who desperately wants someone to play with. I want to tell him as I gently caress my 24 week blossoming belly to have, ‘patience little man, we are working on baking you up a little brother or sister as we speak’.

Entertaining a toddler is difficult and serious work. Parents need to consider not only if the activity is age-sensitive but also if it will cost a small fortune in money or emotional investment, whether we have the means by which to make the play a reality (I am finding it pretty hard to get up from the floor nowadays), and if enough time allows for generous attention. I do not know about other toddlers that much, but our Mr 18 months is ripe with attitude if the activity does not consider these parameters. For example this morning we were on our way to a bonsai exhibition and when we were almost at our destination Mr A informs me that there is a price for entry. We are a pretty cashless family, so this oversight means a detour to the service station or grocery store to withdraw cash. However it was almost midday which is not only  lunchtime but also nap time for Master X.

Eating healthy at Zambrero’s

So we decided to divert our plans, grab a quick lunch at Zambrero’s burrito take-away and make our way across the other side of town so that Master X could fall asleep in the car. And to our surprise and relief, it worked. It was thankfully so after yesterday’s debacle of no nap and the onslaught of attitude that followed we did not want another afternoon from hell with a no-sleep-toddler! This nap time meant we could some fun adult activities (okay that came out not the way it was intended). We were able to shop for our kitten who we have left at home while we live with my husband’s mother. I felt guilty about not being there with her and she is obviously stressed even though we go over there twice a day for cuddles, play and food. So I bought some cool toys for her during Master X’s nap time. Shopping alone is definitely an adult thing to do and it felt amazing.

I do feel like I need some better planning for being outside because I literally only venture out there when I need to use the car which I am sure is not the healthiest for my son. After the nap Master X was all smiles and we ventured to a pet store together for some last bits for Moka the kitten. When finished however, Master X wanted to go into the shop next door which was Pillow Talk, a manchester store. And literally all he wanted to do was to walk around the shop, holding my hand and looking at the items in the store. It was seriously cute and it reminded me why we have kids. The feeling of bonding and love which may not be present in all activities like we plan, but when it happens it is pretty darn sweet.

This song just ventured on the radio during writing this post and I love it so thought I would share. Enjoy. #Australia

2 thoughts on “Keeping toddler busy

  1. Aw, I’m glad you had a good day with your toddler! That’s always fun. You’re absolutely right in that it takes time and energy and sometimes money to entertain them. I wish you luck in entertaining yours, especially with the new baby coming!


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