Getting around Melbourne during pregnancy

Last night I was stunned by some of the elements of Melbourne, like the lights for example really set the city apart from what I am used to back in little old country-come-city-town Canberra. Canberra is meant to be Australia’s capital city; I heard it was established approximately half-way between Sydney and Melbourne as these two metropolises were both vying to to wear the crown of being named the capital city of Australia. Canberra is a beautiful city, however it has more of a large country town feel to it. I prefer Melbourne over Sydney for visiting as it has wider streets, lower building lines and the river runs through its centre, drawing connection to earth and its beauty.


I am in Melbourne for a few days for work purposes, and have been lucky enough to be afforded some time outside to enjoy the surprisingly mild weather. Melbourne is known as the city whose weather is ‘four seasons in one day’. Essentially you need to carry layers and an umbrella everywhere you go – tourists beware!

I enjoy traveling for work and am sad that this is going to be my last trip before bub is due. My own volition though, as my pelvic pain is starting to flair up each time I go on a trip. Last night I even had to call a cab for a mere 9 min walk!


Traveling while pregnant can take a lot out of you. Even just the act of being in a different environment is exhausting. I know from traveling with my family that they feel it too. About 2 weeks ago we went on our babymoon to the Gold Coast and we all slept in the same bed for the duration. I am secretly looking forward to Easter weekend not just because we get to see my family, but also because we all get to sleep comfortably in a king bed again. Bliss.

I suggested to Mr A that we put all our mattresses on the floor and succumb to the sleep needs of the kids rather then societal expectations as outlined in sleep training books but I have not made headway yet. We shall see what happens with bub #2 comes in 13 weeks (based on expected full term date of 37 weeks).

I am a bit lonely here in my king bed in Melbourne. I sleep really well, but it’s the anxiety of being away at such a crucial time. Or maybe it is just the physicality of family. Not that I get much physicality especially as Master X coaxes my husband into his bed each night! But I guess this is just part of growing up and realising that your parents are separate beings to you that have autonomy and humanity. I try and video chat once a day with them while I am away, although I failed to do that my son last night as I had a night work function. If nothing else, this trip has given me opportunity to buy some new maternity threads! There are limited stores in Canberra that offer maternity clothes, and H&M are on point with their fashion for mummas.


I have been much easier on myself this time in Melbourne, taking Ubers and Taxis, limiting my excursions to ‘must-go’ and if I do have to catch public transport I make no excuses for able-bodied people taking up a seat and will always ask for them to move. I know that society does not reflect on its pregnant community and everyone is very much in their own world on public transport so I don’t blame them. Unless they refuse to move, which thankfully has not happened to me (fingers crossed AND touch wood).

I farewell this city tomorrow night as I pack my bags at the end of the trip and the end of my pre-baby excursions with work. It is starting to become more real, closer and I can tell because I’m starting to get clucky, looking at newborns and looking forward to the snuggles. Lucky for me Master X is still pretty cuddly so I get toddler hugs as much as I need. I cannot wait for those little arms to wrap around my shoulders tomorrow night!

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