Exercise doesn’t work for every body in pregnancy


Ahhhhh I am blissfully laying on the ground with my back flat the hardwood floor and my legs resting at a ninety degree angle on a chair. I am attempting to stretch my back out on advice from a GP recently who said that I should rest horizontally as much as possible to allow for the fluid between my vertebrae to collect and relieve the crunchy tension I seem to be getting that results in pelvic pain.

And it truly does help. Twenty minutes two times a day just relaxing and stretching. Sometimes I use this opportunity to connect with baby by resting my fingers on my growing belly and trace patterns while I talk to the them in my head. I am not wholly game to start talking to them out oud just yet, but that will come!

Pre-pregnancy I was  just starting to build a decent level of fitness by walking twice a day and riding our exercise bike at home. Mr A and I found that we were making excuses all the time for not exercising so we removed the barriers: It’s too cold; It’s too dark; I can’t leave you at home alone with Master X… etcetera. I enjoyed wearing my Fitbit to keep track of my steps and tied it to my exercise bike foot hold so that those step equivalence were counted in some way.

But now laying on the ground with my legs in the air is counted as exercise according to my doctor which is a far cry from counting steps, taking the stairs at every opportunity and being active in general. I guess our bodies in pregnancy are doing overtime just to keep us upright and moving that anything else is a bonus and for those of us with any additional physical complications like pelvic dysfunction  anything additional to the necessary movement is detrimental to our mental wellbeing as we become more and more immobile and our pubic pain increases.

Pregnancy puts extra strain on the pelvis and musculoskeletal system that makes it unwise for our bodies to put undue stress on them, but we also need to make sure our eating is on point (which mine is not) to avoid extra weight gain. I managed to only drink diet drinks today, but I only managed to squeeze in one round of my floor stretch today so my lower back is fairly sore and I feel wrecked. I was hoping for some much needed boogie time but that is looking unlikely as I hobble to the kitchen to grab myself an ice cream for dessert.

Does anyone else have this kind of experience during pregnancy?

❤ ❤ Raegina

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