Easter chocolate always tastes better

Have you ever noticed that Easter chocolate not only tastes different than regular chocolate, but better? I always put the addictive nature of Easter chocolate down to festivities and clever marketing. Humans are carnivores at heart so it would make sense that the sweetest taste known to woman shaped into the strongest animal hierarchical desire would equate to deliciousness heaven – the Easter Bunny or Easter Egg.

Some careful research (you can read here and here) associates the delicate moulding of the chocolate and the reinvigorating of positive childhood memories with a better tasting chocolate. Although I do not discount these theories from such eminent experts I do think there is more to the this question than it first appears.

The practice of having chocolate at Easter first began in Europe in the early 19th century as a replication of the pagan egg painting tradition. Eggs have always symbolised new life, new beginnings and fertility so this practice is steeped in historical significance. Gifting eggs started with religious times as a way to recognise the new beginnings of the Christian Christ being resurrected. In recent times this has also come to represent what many people abstain from during Lent, the time of remembrance of the sufferings of Christ. I am skeptical about these historical events that I have summarised from Cadbury not just because they are commercially and religiously focused, but also because the history of Christmas gifts have ties to the economical world so it would make sense that eggs and bunnies are more about money than making the customer feel good for a reasonable price.

Pause for a bit of chocolate


I have found Easter chocolate in particular to appeal to my health-consciousness due to not only its positive representation but also the said benefits that chocolate can have for mental health. Of course I am eating milk chocolate (despite being lactose intolerant) rather than the dark chocolate which has all the benefits, but I think with the added value of positive memory, sweeter thinly shaped moulds and base-human carnivore instinct that the milk versus dark debate is null… in my case anyway

🙂 🙂 Reg

3 thoughts on “Easter chocolate always tastes better

  1. I love chocolate too! But I worked hard to lose the weight I had gained over the past two years, and I needed to find alternatives to my usual nightly pint of gelato and my spoils bought at the Italian-owned Ben Lomond Bakery, otherwise known as Pastry Heaven.

    Nowadays, instead of buying Talenti gelato or enticing Easter Lindt milk chocolate bunnies, I buy Halo Top chocolate ice cream which is only 280 calories a pint. You can bet I eat the whole pint more often than not! 😉

    I went to Target yesterday with Rilla where she got some Easter candy for herself and her friends, and that huge candy section smelled so good, I almost fainted!!!!


    1. It is like torture this time of year. I have caved quite a few time, especially in Kmart. Chocolate deliciousness mmmmmm… I’ll have to stock up for this baby. I love chocolate when nursing and cuddling in during winter! I’ll have to check out weight watchers icream, but I’m lactose intolerant so it’s not my choice…

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