How NOT to make money blogging

I have not made any money blogging, although I am trying. Partly this is because because I spend so much time on this blog, but mainly the impetus is desire to connect with readers more. Some bloggers make montetising seem so easy such as Australian mum bloggers Stay at Home Mum and Love from Mim.  I appreciate their advice but I am frustrated with how long it takes. I am keen to review for businesses as I have interest in products that will make my, and my reader’s lives easier. Living with a mental illness like bipolar disorder makes going out shopping a difficult task as sometimes I go overboard or do not realise how much money I am spending on insignificant things.

1. Affiliate relationships

I recently joined a few affiliate programs where you make money if your readers click on the links in your page and purchase items. I carefully selected the programs I wanted alliances with, considering their relevance to my readers and whether I have used, or would use their products.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 8.59.28 am.png

As you can see I have had a few clocks but no purchases. I assume as the blog (hopefully) grows, then so too will these stats!

2. Paid reviews

I started to look for paid reviews a few months ago as it seemed like a fun thing to do . I managed to get a free sample to review, but this was no big feat and is not really what I am after in terms of monetising the blog. So I signed up for Tomoson and Product Testing Australia with no success other than landing myself in a torrent of spam (no payment for putting up with that either, thanks Product Testing Australia).

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.09.00 am.png

3. Ebooks

I have published a few Ebooks with my education blog Australian Education Blogs again with little success. I even tried giving them away as an incentive, and had little response from readers. I know part of the issue with the education blog is reader engagement, but it really has put me off trying to write any more Ebooks for either site. I am working on a novella (but I mean, who isn’t these days) but struggling with the motivation to complete it after the abysmal performance over at Australian Education Blogs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.09.41 am.png

I feel slightly disheartened by how easy it seems that other blogs have been able to engage their readership, which is really what all this monetising business is about. I have focused the past 3 weeks on increasing the volume and quality of the content of this site and now have over 100 WordPress followers along with the people who indirectly subscribe through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Perhaps I just need to work on one element at a time, growing readership and engagement first and trying to stick this our longitudinally rather than expecting a quick fix.

❤ ❤ Raegina

15 thoughts on “How NOT to make money blogging

  1. Thanks for writing this! I’m trying to treat blogging as more of a job and not just a passion, but I’m just starting to try and figure all of this out. Reality is what I’m looking for.


  2. Do you know of any free newsletter creators that are wordpress plugins? I’m on a really tight budget (I’m unemployed honestly) yet I see so many bloggers saying “the magic is in the list” and “you NEED to grow your email list to be a successful blogger”. So it really makes me wonder if there are any free options for us “broke” writers.


  3. I thought “engage” meant replying to every comment and following as many blogs as time permits, and commenting/liking on each blog.
    What else is there to “engage”? I too am curious to know!
    Maybe sending a periodic newsletter….I’m sure there are other things, but I can’t think of any! :0000


    1. Good tips! I am pretty picky about which blogs I follow only because my memory is shot to remember which ones I want to read from which ones I’m just following. Lol.
      A newsletter is a good idea! Maybe also doing a giveaway?

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