Insatiable hunger during pregnancy


I cannot stop eating. I feel hollow like a log burrowed deep in the green forest of luscious food-ness. But no matter what my body and mind think, the time has come to curb this insatiable eating to a more regular level. My GP weighed me today and informed me that I have put on 20 kg this pregnancy. So far. With at least 12 weeks to go until full term. My response was to go out and buy a shit ton of soda water and diet drink flavours to swap my daily coke (ooops I mean Coke) habit and carrots to replace chocolate.

Carrots….. to replace….. chocolate….


This is of my own volition but what was I thinking that CARROTS would ever be able to replace the soft, sweet, smooth flavour of chocolate, I am usually a dark chocolate girl but have been craving the delicate and creamy consistency of milk chocolate through the more recent parts of this pregnancy. Writing about it is torture so I am just going to leave that there. As tempting as it is to turn this blog into some accountability journey, I am going to refrain and instead focus on the effect that trying to ignore this empty hunger-like feeling has. So far, 4 hours into the journey I can report that I have had minimal snacks, although writing about it just makes me want to snack even more. Doh. I might go for a handful of grapes – fruit is good, right? Okay so I had a bit of soda water too, but that is just party water so I am in the clear (according to my GP). I am proud that I managed to have only healthy foods so far. Might I remind you that it has been 4 hours.

This is going to be a long 2 weeks until my Glucose Tolerance Test for Gestational Diabetes. Yes it is a thing, and yes it is horrid, but what is even worse is the strict diet they put you on if you test positive. And as you can probably tell from this post, I am not too good at ‘dieting’. So I posted an urgent Help Me on The Healthy Mummy support page for pregnant mums and received a few helpful replies, mostly with direction to the menus planners and free recipes. They all look so delicious but as we are not living at home at the moment I don’t have many of the ingredients on hand (hang on I’m going out to get a few more grapes cause they are so delicious) And finish off that 1.25L bottle of soda water.Β 

So I am interested in how you would go about cutting down and out your food digs to help survive 12 more weeks (at least) of incubation?

Cheers, Regi

5 thoughts on “Insatiable hunger during pregnancy

  1. I, too, failed the glucose tolerance test with my second pregnancy–but not my first!–and had to go on a diet. No more sugar for me! I think you’re on the right track. Just keep eating those fruits!


    1. I am devouring carrots as my go to. I’m trying to space snacks instead of just eating all the time, even when I might not be hungry but it’s more like a habit. Why did I may it get so far?!?

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  2. I failed the glucose tolerance test with my daughter and had to go on the diet 😦 it really sucked. I think you have the right idea , eat frequently and just make healthy substitutions πŸ™‚ Good luck !!!


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