Renovating the home: bathroom

I have just devoured 3 Easter eggs and half a block of dark chocolate. And although I am no longer hungry I am not satisfied.

We received some bad news this morning. My bum won’t fit on our new toilet in our renovated bathroom. Like they put the toilet in so close that I had about a hair wisp between my skin and the tiled walls. It looks so pretty that Mr A and I are devastated that we have to rip out the new vanity, replace with a smaller version and have a slight off-centre toilet. Who planned this room!?! Well we worked with our builder on the desired outlay and then he advised on the maximum measurements for the space. We opted for a shorter but deep square Asian-style bath that is encased in the same as the floor tiles to offset the white wall tiles. Kind of like a feature of the bathroom. The remainder of the bathroom is white and clear sheet of glass for the shower screen. The effect is that you are drawn the beautiful sanctuary of the bath.

We decided to upgrade our bathroom as it has been about two years since we moved in and the bathroom was our first to do on the renovations list. We decided to get it done before bub two comes as we know that those first twelve months are a blur (14 months with Master X) and it would be a sore point for us. My family loves the water, and we wanted a way to maximise the use of the space while capitalising on the bath as a centrepiece. Master X and I bathe together almost every night which is something we have decided to continue after our recent trip to Japan. The bath culture is huge in Japan, with public bathhouses for those without their own private bath, and family-style baths that are designed for deep soaking. I really cannot wait to take a bath tonight!

In Japan the traditional practice is to take a shower to clean yourself before entering the bath. The water in the bath is shared amongst the whole family and is seen as a place for relaxation so we keep the water as clean as we can. We have emulated this style by having a shower head and hand rail shower for seated washing and cleanliness before relaxation. We kept the hand rail low so that it does not detract from the view of the bath, but also for ease of use and ensuring it does not obstruct the shower head. We went with a modern day shower head just for pleasure sake and to replicate the feeling of falling water which is what the shower was originally designed to do.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 7.51.25 pm

The floor tile colour was selected to match outside, like the dirt that is in our gardens, whereas the white wall tiles are meant to be classic, timeless and allude to open space. The lack of curvature in the tiles were deliberate in the hope that this will drastically reduce our need to scrub the bathroom. The old bathroom had definite signs of age with mould in the grout that we irremovable, deep scratches and wear on the bath tub, frosted glass from the build-up of scum and residue. But despite this, the main impetus for the new bathroom was space. We were finding it increasingly difficult to bathe Master X and shudder at the thought of having to bathe Master X and another baby! And of course Mr 21 months is a very tall child so we are assuming we will need to space for at least three tall people in the house (Belly Bub measured 86 percentile for height at latest ultrasound).

I am sad that we need to replace the vanity with a smaller unit (not to mention the cost associated with this endeavour) but there is really no way around the toilet requiring more space! I initially asked Mr A to look into our rights, but the builder at least said he would cover the labour and we don’t really need any more stress in our lives right now!

So what is next on the renovation agenda…? Well we have just finished revamping our furniture to go with the neutral tone to open up the spaces. I think we need to up the kitchen a little just in terms of installing a proper vent for our ceiling fan. All the oil is collecting on the walls and the floors – gross. I find that by having pockets of peaceful spaces in the house helps my mental health. I feel like I can breathe a little easier and move around a little more.

8 thoughts on “Renovating the home: bathroom

  1. Nice upgrade. Looks fresh and bright and clean. I like how you have the glass doors a little distance from the tub. I’ve never seen that before. Is that a towel warmer on your wall? I wish I had one.

    Our bathrooms are pretty small because we have a townhouse. My husband talks and talks about growing up in a huge apartment that had a bathroom so large that it had a couch in it. And a bidet.


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