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Dealing with Bipolar Mania: Help for Caregivers

What caregivers need to know about symptoms of mania, medications to treat mania and caring for people with bipolar disorder.
What was once called manic depression or manic-depressive behaviour is now called Bipolar I and Bipolar II disorder based on the presenting symptoms. The focus here will be on mania, or Bipolar I illness.
There are three levels of mania, beginning with cyclothymic disorder. This is not considered a major mental illness and there are plenty of people with this condition, who we all think of as very moody, with strong ups and downs. No medication is needed and the individual is able to function in all areas.
The second level of mania is hypomania, which means below mania, and it is more intense, and can be seen by spending sprees, food binging and minor disruption of daily living. There may be some…

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