The Healthy Mummy snacks in pregnancy


I have struggled a lot with eating during this pregnancy in part because I’m growing a tiny human, but also due to the effects of the medication that I am on for bipolar I disorder. These medications cause me to feel hungry, or empty rather, and I turn to food to fill the hole. My doctor warned me that I have already gained the maximum amount of weight for the pregnancy (20 kg; 102 kg total weight) and that I need to watch what I put in my mouth. Easier said than done when the cravings are all consuming!

I am trying really hard to cut down on the amount of sugar I been having such as dropping my daily can of Coke Zero or Pepsi Max and replacing it with a bottle of soda water. I only flavour the soda water at night with dinner using a diet lemon lime and bitters cordial mix. I am struggling with giving up chocolate, so we have delved into The Health Mummy’s recipe archives and found 2 things to try this week: sweet and salted dark chocolate popcorn, and sticky date super bites. To be honestly honest I have still had some extra chocolate on top of these nuggets of sweetness and this has not made me feel any better about gaining weight. But I have substituted my afternoon sweet snack with a bowl of steamy hot pumpkin soup which is more filling that a snack bar.

Breakfast: mango and banana smoothie, coffee, toast
Morning tea: porridge, apple, cup of tea (chocolate)
Lunch: leftovers, grapes, muesli bar, dark chocolate popcorn
Afternoon snack: pumpkin soup, super bites, carrot, celery (chocolate)
Pre-dinner snack: dark chocolate popcorn
Dinner: pasta, rice, vegetables, meat
Dessert: yoghurt (chocolate)

I find that I snack most out of boredom. If I have nothing engaging my brain then I turn to food to fill that gap. I also find I snack more in between activities, such as coming to and leaving work, or in between returning home and waiting for/cooking dinner. This is where hobbies, like blogging, come into play in keeping me distracted enough so that I don’t wander back to food. I find that I am watching the time more, see it slipping away from me and yet drawing closer to a time for food. It is almost as if my whole life is now dominated by food since being told that I need to cut down on the intake. I am looking forward to some different recipes next week from The Healthy Mummy but I find that I am just so cravey! I am proud that I have cut out the soft drinks and ice-blocks, and hope that this will put me in some way ahead for my gestational diabetes test this Friday despite gaining another 1.5kg this week (103.5kg total weight).

The Healthy Mummy Special (Leaderboard)

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