GTT and pregnancy diet

Mr A and I have been working 4 days a week since first putting Mr 20 months in care at 8 months old. This means:

  1. Less days in care for Master X
  2. More family time as we can catch each other at work for a cuppa or lunch

Friday is typically my day at home alone with Master X though I have been treated the past couple of weeks to 4 days straight with him as I’ve had to swap days off with my husband so I can attend work events. Today started with my glucose tolerance test (GTT) for gestational diabetes (GD). I was quite anxious about the test due to my over eating habits this pregnancy, and especially my sweet tooth which seems out of control! The test goes for 2.5 hours so I did not fancy wrangling a toddler while having to sit in the comfy recliners the test centres in Canberra now boast. Mr A stayed at home to watch Master X as I left for the health centre for the test at 7am. I arrived with plenty of time to spare before my 7.30am appointment. A pathologist greeted me at the desk saying, ‘you’re early. We don’t open until 8am’. I shook my head and replied, ‘but I have an appointment at 7.30am’. She replied, ‘it certainly isn’t for here. Is it for the GTT?’ Wow, I must be looking pregnant, I thought. The pathologist consulted her diary and asked for my phone number to confirm that I was indeed not booked into that health centre for the appointment.

It took about 10 minutes of calling the other health centres in Canberra to ascertain that it was over in a different town centre. Lucky they were very understanding and reassured me to take my time to make my way over there. It didn’t take long to get into the test for the first reading – a gloriously normal 4.3. Excellent, Time to relax, do some knitting and have a yarn with one of the other mums waiting for their test time. By the final test (I was the last one waiting) I was feeling pretty nervous about how normal I felt after the glucose syrup and if that was a reflection of my blood levels. I expressed my anxiety to the pathologist who told me to wait a moment longer after she took the third and final set of bloods. Sure. She said to me,’ if anyone asks, you are using the bathroom’. A few minutes later she returned with the blood glucose finger prick testing kit and proceeded to do another test, the results coming up  at 4.9. ‘Good’, she breathed and a wave of relief washed over me. ‘And you have an appointment with your GP this afternoon, late, so your results will be available then. So don’t worry, you are fine!’


The day was rounded out with the infamous visit to my GP (who was running 2 hours late!) to confirm that my GTT was 3.7 (rather better than the 4.9 from the finger prick) and the highest level was 6.6 at the one hour interval. Amazing. So as Mr A said, I am just fat! This is far better news than being fat and having GD. I would not know how to control my diet like that. I mean last night I ate half a block of chocolate and today I ate the rest of the milk chocolate, including sharing a little bit of Master X’s Easter egg so that there was no locally accessible temptation. It backfired tonight, I tried to eat dark chocolate but it just didn’t work so…












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