Can warm milk and a full toddler tummy be the answer for sleep?

Sleep is seriously the worst thing going on right now. For those who have not had to deal with sleep deprivation would not understand that even a week, let alone months without sleep can ruin someone’s ability to function in all areas of their life. After last night’s post which was an in-the-moment post on how Mr A and I were not coping with putting Master X to sleep every night, it took another hour or so for us to unwind enough and stop being angry at the other person for how we were feeling. At about 11pm (having gone to bed at 10pm) Master X woke up again and I went in to calm him and soother him. But he would not close his eyes, instead staring at me as if to check that:

  1. I was still there snuggled under the billowing and fluffy doona; and,
  2. I was not just pretending to be asleep so I can sneak out.

Okay, I was in part waiting for my moment to sneak away but at that stage I was just thinking

You know those moments when you were a kid and it was an exciting time like Christmas and you don’t want to go to sleep in case you miss them sneaking around the house? Well this was not like that. There was no excitement in the air, in fact, the air was still and thick with the tension of the will she/ won’t she that all I could do was feel really really sad for my son. I don’t know how else to put the emotion and know that it is rudimentary expression, but it seems the best fit for the moment.

The weird thing though is that I have had little issue putting him for his naps over the weekend. I mean, he still refuses to relax in bed with me until I threaten to leave the room at which point he bolts over and crawls up beside me to cuddle. It is surprisingly easy. For the last two days. Usually I plan to go somewhere during his nap break so he can sleep in the car. The car is a sure fire way to get him to relax and sleep. Tonight when I tried to put him down for sleep I played it all casual. We carried this night light into his room that we pulled out of the caravan today and switched it on and off, sang songs and talked about the stars, moon and planets. He cuddled for a bit then quickly escaped to turn the main lights on and off. I asked him if he was ready for bed and he said ‘NO!’.

(I know I keep posting this video but he says it so darn cutely!)

So I relented and let him out to play a little longer, have a cup of warmed milk and a banana and then back to bed with dad. It has been all quiet in there for the past 40minutes since Mr A ventured into the vortex of sleep despair. I just hope he resurfaces so we can eat some of this banana bread i just made!


So i guess I have gone back to what I know – warm milk and full tummy. What other sleep tips for toddlers do you have that might help?

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