I leave my toddler alone for hours

Let me preface by saying that at no stage is my son overwhelmed, unsafe or out of ear’s range. We’ve lived in this house since I went on maternity leave with Master in 2015, and we chose it deliberately because it was small. To put it in some context quickly, it is a two bedroom seperate title townhouse with one bathroom, one garage and 2 courtyards. The design of the place is such that although we can stay at home for a day or so, that we need to be out and about regularly to not get cabin fever!

This afternoon I was trying to get Mr 21 months to go for a nap in his room by laying in his bed as I usually do, and read a few stories together. However after about an hour it was obvious that he did not want to sleep as demonstrated by his incessant antics of turning the lights on and off and jumping on my pregnant belly to get to and from the books in his bedside drawer. I was in desperate need of a nap and he seemed pretty chill despite not wanting to sleep so I asked him if he minded if I slept and he went out and played. This is only the second time that I have done this, but I was desperate. So I shut him into the main area of the house, still with access to the bedroom door if he needed, and I went to sleep. It was a delicious 2 hour affair with some wingeing from him but nothing alarming or imminent so I kept on. When I finally arose I found him holding a marker with some if on his face and I thought that of all the options for things that he could be doing, he chose to go into the main bedroom, rummage through the pile of stuff from the caravan on the floor, and pull out a marker to suck on.

Freaking hilarious.

I was relieved to see no markings on the wall or anywhere else, and from the patterns on his face, I am truly stumped as to what he was trying to make on his face.

Master X is pretty clingy at times which makes life difficult and I was surprised that this went so well. I have done it in the past for the same reason if I have been sick or we’ve had a rough night but usually I leave the television on for him. This time it was all him. What a proud moment of independence and relaxing afternoon of sleep for me.

Do you leave your children alone in a part of the house while you tend to something else?

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