The day in photos : toddler and mum

Start our day of play with the train set. Mr 21 months some keen dexterity as he was able to push it unassisted around. 


Part two of the morning was colouring a picture together. He is getting so good at holding those crayons!
Bubbles! Enough said.


Madascar and lunch is relax time for us both.
Potty training before our attempt at a nap.


Afternoon tea of banana bread and grapes then a game of hide and seek!


Enjoying the sunset and waiting for dad to come home.

Although I am not one of those non-television before two years old fanatics (though I used to be) I am quite proud that the box didn’t go on until late afternoon (like 5pm). My back was super sore from chasing the guy around then house. For example:

  1. Taking the cat’s water bowl away from him that he somehow managed to get at. I only knew because I heard him go ‘ah’ after taking a sip. Classy.
  2. Mr 21 months refused to listen to me and ran out onto the road. I forget how slow I am. The neighbour reassured me that they were keeping watch also. No idea who this person was but was grateful for the save.

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