5 ways to survive toddler sleep (or lack of it)

It’s another Saturday morning and I’ve had the worst night’s sleep battling with intense leg camps from being 29 weeks pregnant, waking up on my back taking short and shallow breaths from the baby pushing up on my chest cavity, and of course, the 21 month who did not sneak, but rather trumpeted into our bed at some ungodly hour this morning. Being pregnant is hard enough especially when it comes to sleep, let alone dealing with a sleepless toddler!so this is a quick post about how I am surviving this sleeplessness. Some will be obvious, but when you are sleep deprived you might forget, so this is a just a sweet reminder ❤

1.White noise

We’ve all heard of white noise in the baby’s room to help them sleep, but have you tried this yourself? It is a great for people who have any anxiety around getting their kids to sleep as it is doing the same sleep association business that works for the little people. We have the same white noise as Mr 21 months which means that if we do have to go his room our sleep isn’t too disrupted by the brief wake up – except for those delightful kick in the guts every now and then. I have nothing to remedy those physical ailments, but please, do share we would love to know how 2 people sleep in a single sized bed getting regularly kicked in the ribs.



We have a swap sleep-in rule recognising the issues with pregnancy sleep and toddler sleep, one weekend day is for Mr A to laze about and the other is for me. Which day it turns out to be is fluid as it seems that at least on the of the days is harshest for the other so naturally we let the other sleep in. This can work during the week too, I’ll often get up at 7am to make the lunches and breakfast and then wake the others up at 7.30am-ish in time for eating and getting ready for work/school. It might not sound like much but that extra 30mins can make the difference between happy babies and angry parents.


This one is just obvious, but deserves its due place in this list because it is just damn good.

That’s all I’ve got today folks mainly because I am so tired that my brain didn’t function past #3 and wanting coffee immediately! I did have 5 planned but yeah, we’ll just have to wait for another day for those last two. Enjoy your Saturday!


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