Birthday, bath and blooms with the family

As mentioned – and I don’t like to go over it too often – but tomorrow is my birthday. Because tomorrow is Monday so one of us has to go to work (Mr A this week, but usually it is me), we decided to celebrate it today with a sleep in and a day at home and the bath, Japanese family style. We recently had out bathroom redone so that we can share bath experiences and have at home spa times like we did today. We started the day with a brief family outing to get coffee at our local shops. I am not in a condition to be walking the two blocks there so ashamedly, we had to drive. Master X loved the park, highlighted even more by us sending him there with a bright red balloon Mr A dug out from an old show bag from an event we went to a few weeks ago. He loved chasing it around the play equipment, under the watchful eyes on Mr A or myself, as well as the older children around. I love watching him interact with older kids, as it shows how kind and friendly kids in our area are to be watching out for him.

After we returned home, Mr 21 months and I played in the sandpit while Mr A went the shops to ‘get the last half of my birthday present’. Master X loved pouring the sand over my bare shoulder as I had taken my jumper off to enjoy the beaming autumn sunshine. This of course meant sand every where, and that I had to return the favour by pouring sand down his legs. Happy but fairly dirty, we decided it was time to come inside and so we stripped off in the garage and then piled into the shower to clean up. We had filled up the bath with hot water earlier in the day because the hot water system is very small, it rarely lasts for two showers and a shared bath let alone a home spa experience. I quickly showered off the sand and soaped up before the water ran cool again, and then turned on an album for our time in the bath.

We were in the bath for about 15 minutes before Mr A returned home and joined us. The water in the bath lasted us a whole album of London Grammar (one of the songs is the above film clip), which was impressive. I was thoroughly relaxed and also managed to wash my hair using the bath water and holding my head outside the bath water. I felt delicious. Mr A got our first to get lunch ready while Master X and I enjoyed the dwindling warmth a little longer. When we exited the bath and I was chasing Mr 21 months around the house trying to put his nappy on, and I saw this sitting on our table:


Such a beautiful bouquet of native flowers and a dark double-coated cherry ripe chocolate bar sitting in the middle. What a thoughtful and decadent gift!

After a bath or natural spring bath in Japan it is customary to have a glass of milk or yoghurt or if all else fails then some iced tea. It felt so right to share a delicious iced cold glass of lactose free milk with Mr A and Master X. There is something extra nourishing about dairy after a warm bath.


We love eating Japanese food at home although it has been a while because the morning sickness made me despise the aroma and taste of much of the cuisine. So today’s lunch was the first taste for almost four months! Mr A cooked up such a feast for our family including quick stewed soy-based ramen topped with fatty pork and boiled egg and a large side of edamame and steamed rice. We devoured this feast along with a cup of iced matcha tea which was oh so satisfying.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Princess Mononoke (dubbed) and then I had a nap on the couch so I don’t know what the boys got up to hahaha!

I feel pretty tired but also relaxed this evening, looking forward to an early night and hopefully a better sleep than I have been getting thanks to leg cramps due to later stage of pregnancy (29 weeks) and also tossing and turning and sleeping lightly possibly from a reduction in medication. I reckon this good food, expression of love and warmth generated by today’s family activities will put me in good stead for at least some slumber tonight, even if it is just for half the night!

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