Blank day

I’m just posting to say I’m not posting. Well not like I normally would. I had to take a mental health day today because I knew I was in state to contend with work. And all I did was watch 13 reasons why. I know it’s not such a great selection but it has been bugging me. So yeah, the day was a blank. The end.

6 thoughts on “Blank day

      1. I think so. They are so attuned to the most acute cases so I can appreciate their point of view. But we (hubby, GP, me) don’t believe we are acute. So yeah just good to get a more normalised view

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  1. My middle schooler wants to watch that. I won’t let her even though “all her friends are.” I won’t watch it either. Is it awful? I know it would trigger me emotionally.


    1. It isn’t too bad but I think the hardest part is coming up – I am still only up to episode 10. I find it difficult because I was emotionally bullied through high school so could see all the warning signs. I am dreading the end of the series though given the reviews.

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