Medication debacle

So I called the nurse today about my blood test results and it went a little something like this:

Me: Hi, I’m just calling about the bloods you took yesterday.

Nurse: What is your name, please?

Me: Raegina Taylor

Nurse: How do you spell your last name?

Me: T – A – …

Nurse: Sorry is that a T or a D or a B?

Me: T for Tom (feeling a little bit agitated this is taking so long and my surname is pretty regular, I thought).

Nurse: Oh yes, here you are.

Pregnant pause. No pun intended.

Nurse: How are you feeling?

Me: Fine. Why?

Nurse: I can’t actually tell you but you need to come and see a doctor. Are you coming to see a doctor?

A great conversation to have at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, don’t you think? I’m not worried as I think the nurse’s concern is about my lithium levels being so low. Which in my book, is great news as it means the medication reduction is working. Mr A agrees that I don’t seem hypo or manic at the moment so we are not really sure about the effectiveness of the medications. I am a little concerned since changing my Olanzapine to a once per day dose of 10mg instead of two 5mg doses as it is making it damn near impossible to get up in the morning. And it is not improving the quality of my sleep which is shot to shit, I think, due to the pregnancy rather than a hypomanic reason.

And have I mentioned yet that tomorrow is 30 WEEKS!

I am wondering how much further my body can stretch – but I guess we’ll know soon enough!

4 thoughts on “Medication debacle

  1. Ditto to the above – you sound very levelheaded, and I love your sense of humor, R! (pregnant pause!!!) Glad that it’s most likely low lith levels….sorry about the awful sleep & effect of Olanzapine, I get it!!! :0000
    Hang in theree! Xo Dy


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