Too much sleep

It’s one of those days when you sleep in too long. That means my mood is cranky I feel unmotivated to do anything other than sit on the couch and I definitely do not feel like writing. But I’m committed to a blog post a day, so here your brilliant writing for the day (haha).

I think the sleep ins are from the Olanzapine. Ever since changing my dosage to a single nightly dose I’ve noticed that it is difficult to get up in the morning and that if left to be, I can sleep until midday with no repercussions. I’m so lucky to have such an understanding husband who leaves me to sleep, but I am not sure if that is the best remedy. In fact, it usually takes me until about 10am to kick into gear at work and for the slumber to wear off enough for me to be productive in any way. At home I can only imagine how much he is doing to keep the cogs turning and the household running. Additionally I am pretty big now and am finding it difficult to bend down, stand, sit or just move about in general. Welcome to 30 weeks in your pregnancy. I have a feeling this bub is going to come at 36 weeks as they are measuring at least a week ahead already. And I think I am going to be ready by that stage too. Sick of this blossoming self and all that comes with it. Yes, it can be a beautiful time but it is also very challenging for both myself and the family.

That’s about it for now. I know this is a poor effort compared my other blogs, but I’m just not feeling it. At least I wrote something, though!

3 thoughts on “Too much sleep

  1. I know exactly how you feel at the moment. I don’t have pregnancy as an excuse though I just have Olanzapine sleepiness.


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