30 kg at 30 weeks: pregnancy joys

The third trimester brings with it many delights like Braxton Hicks (contractions); return to heightened smells and taste like in the first trimester; muscle cramps in the legs; frequent visits to the midwife, GP, psychiatrist and other carers; increased tiredness and difficulty moving around…

But the big thing for me (no pun intended, okay a little pun intended) is the weight gain. I am now 30 kilograms heavier than when I started my pregnancy, and 40 kilograms heavier than when I started having babies. And there are a few things that comes along with this added weight gain which I would like to share with you.

  1. Shortness of breath, thereby affecting my ability to exercise, talk, walk and sing (especially at the same time which is a needed attribute with a toddler at times)
  2. Double chin melting my face into my neck
  3. I don’t fit into spaces, like doorways, as well as I did and I have the bruises to prove it
  4. I waddle
  5. There are significant stretch marks on my tummy and upper thighs

Yes yes I know that I am growing a baby but really how big is this kid going to be!?! The ultrasound yesterday showed that he/she has legs which measure two weeks ahead of the gestation and 6cm long feet. As the technician said, they are on the ‘juicy side’ of their gestation. I am holding onto this weight like there is no tomorrow so I wouldn’t be terribly upset if they decided to come at a similar time to their brother (37 weeks).

These posts are getting shorter as I am becoming tireder and going to bed earlier. I apologise but I am sure that things will become even more spaced out when the bub arrives, although I am endeavouring to capture the whole experience this time, not just the shitty bits. I hope that the weight shifts like it did when I came off the Risperidone. There is only so much weight that the Olanzapine can put on and that the body can hold… right?

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