How to get to sleep : debriefing

Well, it looks like no-one is getting any sleep tonight. Let me explain.

#1 Master X and Mr A

It would seem that after a couple of months of being illness-free that our son is with with a cold, or has the dreaded tonsillitis. We have already covered that Master X does not sleep even on a good night, and that it has been since October, by my estimate, since Mr A and I had a sleep-through and we both woke up in the same bed. Tonight is not looking promising as we had to administer paracetamol and ibuprofen and Mr A is starting the night in Master X’s room, in Master X’s single bed. Which I can assure you the toddler does not share lightly and you are lucky if you get a sliver of the bed let alone enough to support any part of your body. I managed to convince Mr A to take our son to the doctor on Monday to discuss our sleep problems. You know, before we get any closer to B-Day (baby day eta 6-9 weeks). Yup cause if there is anything that we enjoy doing in this family it is cutting things fine. (Break here; I’ll explain why when we get to my part).

I can hear the little guy coughing even now. We tried to administer medication in orange juice and then milk but neither would appease the little man so we ended up pinning him down and forcing it down his throat via the side of his cheek. Neat trick that one, from the doctor, if you don’t know already. You can channel the liquid in the gap between the cheek and the gum and it will go straight down the throat. It was pretty traumatic for him, and I ended up crying afterwards too, damn hormones and also because it is just really not a nice way to do things. The alternative is a suppository but he hates them too and tries to squeeze it out afterwards.

#2 Moka The Cat

I haven’t written much about our cat. For some reason we just haven’t bonded which makes it difficult to live with each other. She taunts me by jumping into the bassinet every chance that she gets and I grab her and take her back to her scratching post, which she hates to scratch and instead opts to sharpen her nails on our bedhead. Yeah, I think the scratching posts cost almost as much as that bed head but who wants holes through everything? Anyway she is likely not to sleep tonight because I chased her in and out of the bedroom, bathroom and living room and back again in effort to get her to stay in the living room so that I could go to bed. I ended up coaxing her out from underneath the bed by laying flat alongside the mattress base and not moving, She was curious by this strange behaviour and I FINALLY caught her and took her one final time out into the living room before hurriedly closing the door. I can hear her tearing around the living area, literally, jumping all over the couch cushions and trying desperately to get at the four helium balloons that Master X scored at the car dealership today when we were looking at car upgrades. I hope she wears herself out soon….

#3 Me

I had a delightfully relaxing day, mostly, including a hair cut and full body one-hour pregnancy massage. Master X, feeling unwell, snuggled for a bit on the couch to watch TV. But for some reason I feel really awake, I think due to the excitement of the medicine dispensing along with the cat debacle that I didn’t get a chance to wind down. So I decided to write to tire myself out and to debrief, I guess, in the hope of … SLEEP? It is a dirty word in the house these days and it is about to get a whole lot more traumatic with a newborn. Round two is worse in a way, because you know what is about to come and that it is going to be relentless. Yet at the same time I can’t help but start clucking at newborn pictures and squishes in the street, and get excited about our soon-to-be-bub. The writing is helping to wind me down by the way, and I am almost ready for a … lay down. Thanks for reading if you persevered this far through a literal stream of consciousness 🙂

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