Kicked out of bed again

Sick, that is how I felt I guess. And maybe a little short tempered. But I have taken myself out of the room in the hope that the absence of my bad energy dissipates some of Master X’s attitude.

Do other parents have children like this? Kids that make you question why you have them in the first place, almost every day, with their inability to sleep longer than a few hours even when approaching 2 years old? Toddlers who tantrum like they are being tortured and whatever it was that triggered them was the sole responsibility of the parent and thus we must be the worst agent in the world.

It is terrible, not wanting to be around your own kid and to have next to no empathy for their upset. I get it, being sick is terrible and ruins our happiness. But you know what Master X? Not sleeping ruins our happiness even more. Like sleeping on the floor last night resulting in a crushed feeling in my pelvis for the night, agony splitting up my public bone and grating into my hips. And I left the pain medications in the main bedroom, you now, my bedroom because well, it is my bedroom and I didn’t think to grab them when I vacated the room.

How do you cope with constant upset and anger? How do you get a toddler to bloody well go to sleep and STAY asleep? How do you keep it together when you are run down and feeling angsty yourself?

10 thoughts on “Kicked out of bed again

  1. My oldest was very trying as a toddler. We used to let her cry it out in her room until she fell asleep. I would cry right along with her quietly on the other side of the door, but I knew if I went in their she would either stay awake wanting to play or become dependent on me to fall asleep and I didn’t want that to happen.

    Hang in there. You are doing the best you can. Sounds like you have lots of ideas to try. There is hope! Just remember that you are the parent. You call the shots, not him. 😉


  2. Have you asked his pediatrician about melatonin ? Here it is sold over the counter as a vitamin and comes in gummy form in as little as three mg. My littlest was a great sleeper as a baby but went through a restless stage at about 18months and melatonin really helped.


  3. Oh Raegina, I understand how you feel. I can remember well the same experience as yours during my pregnancy and with a toddler as well. Don’t feel bad. You’re doing the best you can. Everything will be fine in time. I learned late that having a daily routine for tots is important like: dinner on time, getting ready for bed thereafter and reading books before going to sleep, lullaby / quiet dark room… All actually depends on what works for your toddler. Try to stick a schedule or a diagram that you both can refer everyday and where your little one can actively participate and know what’s going to happen next. This applies hugely too for a good sleep preparation. I know you might have this in place already. I just want to assure you that don’t worry – In time, everything will be better.

    Needless to share but I even had to stay in bed for 3 months while I have to take care of my newborn and a toddler alone. No family and friends around. Milk and hot water would just be beside my table bed. My toddler’s toys and books all over the house. My husband works all day and home only until midnight. Believe me, all those just passed. So, I believe you will have better days and nights too in time. Hang in there. Find time to do those things you like doing, even if going to McDonalds. XOXO


    1. Thank you Lyn. It is hard to consider that this will pass and get better. With a new bub on the way all seems pretty doom and gloom. I am trying to stay present and enjoy the good moments but this sleep is just burying all of that, you know? Mr A and I are exhausted and all we do is fight. 😦 I remember a time he would sleep and how glorious that was. I need to learn to channel my frustrations into something more useful in these situations. Or maybe just head to Macca’s. Thanks for the light… I wish it would come before bub arrives it would just mean less stress you know?

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  4. Have you tried essential oils? They have a diffuser you can put the oils in with water or you can even rub them on the bottoms of his little toddler feets or wrists. Some of the diffusers even have color changing lights you can use a night light. I know it’s not for everyone, thought I would throw it out there. Even mama bear can use them 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with how you are feeling. You are fighting a sleepy toddler-who is probably picking up on your discomfort from your growing belly and the bipolar. You are doing a great job! Don’t beat yourself up so much. Has Master X always fought his sleep like this, or is it more recently with the coming little brother? You are a great mama bear!! (I happened across your blog the other week and I find it so honest and inspiring <3)


    1. Thank you! I was starting with the oils but will try again. He has been a tenuable sleeper but was great before we went to Japan last year and it’s been getting progressively worse, unbearable, horrific even. I hate feeling this way but it is really awful getting distressed and seeing his upset.


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