There’s no point in rushing things in pregnancy

I am dreaming about holding our baby, smelling their scent and touching their skin. I have been having dreams that I am giving birth and that it is beautiful, peaceful and wonderful. I woke up sad that I haven’t had bub yet, and have even had to touch my belly to check that I was still pregnant, just in case something had happened in my Olanzapine sleep. I am thinking of booking into birth preparation acupuncture like I did with Master X – it is super relaxing and I think it does get your body ready for labour. I am sure in time that things will happen, but I think when you are working full time that it is frustrating having to wait and perhaps… wait.

We are getting ready though, slowly. We have some girls names picked out but are yet to come across any boys names that we like. Mr A heard that we might be eligible for some free cleaning too during the initial post partum period so we are investigating that as I think we will have enough going on to have the capacity to even think about cleaning. Apparently they also change beds, do washing and the like if required. I know we really struggled with this last time, and would have slept in the same sheets the first three months if it weren’t for a friend who was living close by coming in to check on us regularly and helping out where they saw it was needed. I do remember snapshots of that time but it is all blurry like a drawing in the sand left for winds to pick it up and take it away, somewhere.

A more personal issue that I’ve been having (and sorry for the reference, but perhaps skip this paragraph if you don’t care for talk of excrement), is explosive diarrhea. It has been going for about a month now, multiple times a day and imminent with no time for response. So if I’m out and about and it strikes then it really is a dash to the nearest toilet. I find it is the first thing I think of when I go to places like the mall. It used to be scouting for the closest baby/family room and now it is the nearest toilet. Today was a bit terrifying as Mr A informed me that the plumber would be coming to fix the toilet so it would be out of action for THE WHOLE NIGHT. Terrified doesn’t even really do it justice. And I did need to go right when he was about the start work on the loo, and I had to flush multiple times to try and drown out the sound. It was very embarrassing. I have talked to my doctor and she has run tests but all coming back clear so it seems that it is just a pregnancy thing. Yay.

Okay with that out of the way I feel lighter to be able to talk about some other stuff. Like how difficult moving is becoming to the point that if I sit too long it hurts, and if I stand too long or lay down too long it causes pain in my legs and particularly my hips. I am sleeping terribly and am constantly thirsty. However the thirst has dissipated some since reducing my medication, but at one stage I was consuming about 2 litres of water a night, on top of the 3 – 4 litres during the day. But it is all worth it to feel those sweet little kicks in my vagina and on my bladder and the pressure of bub as they wiggle and turn, they themselves starting to get squishy in there and probably trying as hard as me to find some comfortable position for the remainder of this period in which we are living from the same body.

Living from the same body; I should capture that phrase.


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