Trying to sort breastfeeding stuff

Today and last weekend has been a time of sorting stuff out. Somehow last weekend we managed to clean the garage, which was a mammoth job but we made $60 out of reselling some items and also gave away a swag of other goods to good will. A lot of it came from the caravan, which we have decided to sell as it really is just sitting in the driveway collecting dust and raking up insurance and registration fees.

Today we cleaned out the car (Mr A did) and I am sitting on our bed inside trying to remember how breast pumps work and what I need for mine to get it going again. It is a Spectra Dew 350 that we purchased, in a mad hurry, from Korea during our last 3 month blur. I am trying to avoid last minute purchases as much as possible so am trying to measure my nipple size to ascertain the flange set that I need to buy. Let me tell you this is confusing business and I reckon anyone who gets through the first three months with their boobs in tact and a working machine deserves a certificate in recognition of all their knowledge gained from trying to navigate this landscape without any official training. I mean in the preparation classes they talk about preparation, feeding holds, hand expressing and the like but we don’t all get out rulers and measure our nipples and unpack the reality of getting ready for breast feeding, which is just as overwhelming as it was the first time, if not more so because I have this feeling that I am missing something very important about this whole business.

Damn I wish I had kept a blog at that time.

Anyway I might leave this to ask my doula and midwife next week before rushing to buy anything. Maybe they can help me measure my nipples.

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