Weekend in photos: going bush

The last time we went four wheel driving was when Master X was only 8 weeks old. I remember it because it was Mr A’s final week at work. We ventured out after lunch on the winter’s day and explored the alps of the Brindabella Ranges the surrounds the Australian Capital Territory where we live. This time we headed out just before lunch with the view to arrive and have a family fire with some sandwiches. Probably the most surprising part of the day was the Master X loved it. He was super immersed in the bushland and explored independently, although never straying too far. It was glorious to be out for a day, and not be shopping for baby items or cleaning out the house to get ready for the baby. It was good to spend time, the four of us, enjoying the outdoors like we like to.

The beautiful Brindabellas
Only a gentle slope
Getting that fire started
Trying to pose without a double chin
Hanging on for the ride

4 thoughts on “Weekend in photos: going bush

    1. We have been a couple of times with our caravan but have decided the van is not for us anymore so going back to tent. We went whilev he was still bottle fed which was hard. Think we’ll wait until this bub is more settled with feeding before trying again.

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