Fighting the funk (medication, breastfeeding, bipolar and tea)

So my appointment went a little like this. Doctor: I have read your extensive file here, but I would like to hear from you about your mental health. Me: long story about the episode, and how I came into a manic state again recently. You can read a little about the postpartum psychosis here and … More Fighting the funk (medication, breastfeeding, bipolar and tea)

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I am 99% sure that Master X will be crawling soon. I am 100% sure that I am losing it over the current Wonder Week. I have the television as a way to gain some sanity, way more than I am comfortable with. But I need my brain to stay happy, and constant screaming is … More Follow mum

Oh cute

Master X is going through that clingy phase where even sitting on the couch is deemed to be too far away for his liking. Come on kid, I am only three feet away! He has this new sound that accompanies his dislike for when I ‘leave his space’. It is something between the call of … More Oh cute


There are so many toys in my son’s play box. Rattles, sock monkeys, saucepans, empty water containers and then there are the commercial play items like stuffed animals, soft books, blocks and shape sorters. I read somewhere during pregnancy that the main main purpose of baby toys is to help the adult communicate with the baby because you know, … More Toys