Go to sleep anxiety

  Headphones in. Speaker loud. I can still hear him screaming from the crack underneath the door as he rains out protests and calls for ‘mumma!!’. This is hard shit and it hasn’t become any easier as Master X has gottenĀ older. Normally I have the patience to either stay with him until he is asleep, … More Go to sleep anxiety

Can’t sleep

It’s been a long time since I’ve been awake at midnight, unable to sleep. I blame the caffeine for the initial trouble although now i think that it’s just time. I decided to take some medication and i am waiting for it to work. to stop the non-sleep loop that is running circles in my … More Can’t sleep

No more zucchini

My chest is slightly tight as I think of all the things that I should be doing. Like finishing all those toy lanyards, or starting some new projects. But all I can do is write. I walked in at about ten thirty last night after a night out with a friend. It was an emotional … More No more zucchini