Being medicated is a state of being. It affects the way you think, move, eat and live your life. I have been medicated in some way for mental illness since 2013, and on pills for bipolar I disorder specifically since my first psychosis in 2015. Today marks the first day of me only on antipsychotics- … More

Too much sleep

It’s one of those days when you sleep in too long. That means my mood is cranky I feel unmotivated to do anything other than sit on the couch and I definitely do not feel like writing. But I’m committed to a blog post a day, so here your brilliant writing for the day (haha). … More Too much sleep

Medication debacle

So I called the nurse today about my blood test results and it went a little something like this: Me: Hi, I’m just calling about the bloods you took yesterday. Nurse: What is your name, please? Me: Raegina Taylor Nurse: How do you spell your last name? Me: T – A – … Nurse: Sorry … More Medication debacle